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    Default Martinis

    Thinking about going to CTI this year. Which martinis do they have? Do they have Chocolate, Lychee and Blue Mountain martini? I had those martinis at CSA and it was delish.


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    Yep they have them! No worries, mon. You'll love CTI!
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    Antionette makes the most incredible Chocolate Martinis at CTI. I don't know about the others, but I am sure that if you ask and they have the ingredients, your wish will be granted.

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    Default martinis ;-)

    if you really want an awesome martini, we had this one at CSS, and i'm sure they will be able to make it blind folded by the time we leave CTI. Drum roll please. . . .Banana Martini it's just one of the reasons i fly from katy texas to jamaica.

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