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    Does anyone have pictures of the room and bathroom of the Deluxe Ocean Verandah Suites at CSS??? Thanks!

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    wow ho w funny i was going to ask the same as well as any tips - hows the water pressure etc ?

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    Hi, Just got back from CSS--the photos on the web for the site are actually pretty spot on. Here is a link, then go click on the "VIEW" buttons.

    Do remember this is not the Taj Mahal--I think someone mentioned they are 'cottage like' and that is very accurate. As for water pressure--we had plenty of hot water all the time. Have a great trip.

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    If when i get there and decide i want to upgrade to a 1 bedroom suite can that be done if available? does anyone have comments on the both of teh rooms and recommendations? My travel agent suggested the Deluxe Ocean Verandah Suites over the 1 bdrm suite ! feeling the view and location etc was better!

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    But there is not a picture of the bathroom on the site!!??

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    Sorry - got to ask... Why is this so important?
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    I don't have any bathroom pictures and have only stayed in the one bedroom suite. But I do know this....both have huge verandahs, and white &blue decor (including bathroom tile). The biggest difference is that the Deluxe Ocean Verandas will not have a separate bedroom. The upside to this is that your "bedroom" will overlook your veranda & therefore have an ocean view!! The One bedroom suites I've stayed in had the bedroom behind the living room, so no view from bed. These room types are both up on the hill in several buildings. Both beautiful!

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    When you click View from the Accommodation page, the first picture shows a little bit of the bathroom. I don't have a picture, but it's a pretty basic bathroom. Sink, mirror, toilet, walk-in shower.
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    Personally, I would do the Ocean Verandah. We have done both and I wouldn't spend the extra on the one bedroom again.

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