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    Default TimAir Number of Passengers Question

    For those experienced TimAir passengers using the MoBay to CN route, are multiple couples in one plane the norm or exception? My TimAir quote mentioned an extra fee for a non-sharing guarantee. I'm justifying the cost of the flight as an excursion and would prefer the single couple option. If that's typical anyway, I'll gamble and use the $$$ in the spa.

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    About 85% of the time, we have had a private transfer. I would not pay extra for it though and my recent (last week) TimAir quote did not mention the option. My only concern would be having to wait for someone else. We pay the extra to go right away rather than taking the drive and I am not interested in paying a premium to wait for others to get there.

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    It's the exception. In our 17 trips to the various Couples resorts, we've taken almost 30 Tim Air flights. We've had to share a flight just 3 or 4 times.

    It's so loud in the plane that you really can't talk, so sharing a flight really isn't a big deal.

    Curtis usually assigns me to the co-pilot seat, so my husband and I don't even sit next to each other on the flight.
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