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    Default Weather in October?

    We are considering a trip to Swept Away in mid-October, but are concerned that it's still Hurricane season. Has anyone been there during that time? My DH needs some convincing....Thanks for your help!!


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    Yep, it's hurricane season. Also, it's the rainiest month of year on average.(7 inches) It's hit or miss. I would purchase Travel Insurance.

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    We arrive mid November, I am hoping the weather will be good then. I noticed that the average rainfall drops considerably in November although technically its still the rainy season.

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    We went first time last year at the End of October and I thought the weather was fine It did rain a little in the afternoon but it didn't bother us at all. I would definatelly go again in October. So tell DH just too book it

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    We went to CSA for the 2nd time in early November '08....Hurricane Paloma made her way through while we were there. While it was fascinating to watch the storm come and then watch the clean up afterwards, I'm guessing 3-4 days of storm and cleanup isn't quite what you have in mind for your Jamaica vacation..(.since it was our 2nd time to CSA, we had a blast watching it all). I would definately purchase travel insurance, and WATCH the weather before you go - we had no clue they were expecting a hurricane!

    Returning to CSA in 26 days!!

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