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    I've looked (unsuccessfully) online for a small waterproof bag/backpack for keeping camera, cash, room key. This will be used for excursions like Dune's River. Not too fond of the fanny pack and most of my summer clothes don't have pockets. Any suggestions are welcome.

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    Use the lockers at Dunns River Falls -

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    Check Cabela's for "dry bags". They have a good selection of them for reasonable prices.

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    See: waterproof and extremely tough.

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    If you have a local dive shop, they usually have these small plastic waterproof containers with a wrist strap that you could fit your money and room key in. I would recommend picking up a disposible waterproof camera to take to Dunns River. They actually take really good pictures. Unless you have a digital waterproof camera. I bought my husband one for Xmas this past year to use for Snorkeling. Have a great time. Dunns River is a blast.
    Be sure to take water shoes.

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    Try REI for dry pak bags. They are really great. My husband puts our things in abd ties it to his swim trunks and swims with it and everything stays dry.

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