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    Hi Everyone! I am thinking about surprising my husband with a trip to Couples Swept Away. I just wanted to get everyones opinion about it. When is the best time to go?

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    Anytime is the best time to go to CSA. Our favorite is when it is cold where we live (Long Island,NY) and warm and sunny in Jamaica. We also try and avoid the hurricane season in Jamaica.

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    Ok,,,,March is really nice but i thought the water was a little chilly...August is warm. every year we go in august and it is consistently warm...never had hurricane issues. December is great but busy......

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    I have been late April early May, beginning of November and August. My favorite is the late April early May, the weather is usually perfect, the water warm, and not the busiest season. The November would be next, just have to keep in mind it is still Hurricaine season, the weather is usually good, rains in late afternoon, sometimes a really good kick-butt thunderstorm, then the sun comes out. August was hot-the water was hot!! But still had a great time. August was the best for some really amazing displays of lightening!!! Wow, it was a lite show to say the least. So basically the time you choose will be the best time.

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    Beachsam is right. April may be the nicest weather. Just hot enough, no hurricaine worries. Next is November. You're more or less out of the hurricaine season, but it does seem to pour later in the afternoon (you can set your watch by it)...but it's warm enough to call liquid sunshine. We've done July, August & October but, after 27 times back to CSA and going through a hurricaine and missing another, we've settled on April & November. Have fun guys.

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