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    Default What is the Best Dress Fabric???

    Please help, I asked this question as a reply to another thread and didn't get much response.

    I want your opinion

    Is there a certain fabric that is better than others for the Jamaican beach? Not as hot, won't show sweat, travels easy, etc...

    Should I even be worried about this?
    Which fabrics work well, and which should I stay a way from?? Any ideas??


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    We got married last year in March @ noon on the beach, it was hot, BUT we didn't notice it. The beach gives a super breeze. I wouldn't wear anything "heavy". You will see all kinds of dress's. Good Luck

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    I would think chiffon would be the best fabric, its very light

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    hemp- natural breathes proven textile fiber that ios 100% green plus it is so fitting if you are getting married in JA

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