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Thread: Beer at CSA?

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    Default Beer at CSA?

    What beer brands do they have at CSA at the bars - then specifically what beers do they have at the beach bars? I remember Red Stripe, Red Stripe Light and Miller Lite...any others? Thanks!

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    perhaps Carib is at the beach bars. but i prefer to leave it there.


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    Red Stripe
    Red Strip Light
    These are on tap at the all beach bars and most of the indoor bars

    Carib - Ive only seen this one in the room frigde!
    Guinness - Not the same Guinness you may be used to at some select bars, I had one at the sports and fitness area bar last year (yes there is a bar at the fitness center, my kind of GYM!!!)

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    I think you are right on the beach bars. There is Guinness at the Sports Bar, Heineken at the Martini Bar (maybe somewhere else too, but not sure) and Caribe in the mini-bar, or is it Real Rock?

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    Thanks guys! The boyfriend will be pleased to know he can get Heineken at night Being from Milwaukee, I tried to explain that if one is not drinking Red Stripe then Miller Lite should be enough...

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