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    Default Beach Erosion at CTI

    Just back from CTI and had a wonderful time, but experienced a few very windy days with high surf. There was still sun those days, so we were able to use the beach, but the island was closed. On Friday, we woke up to find that about 30 feet of the width of the beach was gone, eroded by the wave action. This left a drop off of about 2 feet to climb down into the water. The island was closed on Thursday & Friday. The erosion took off the sand up to the palm trees, exposing their roots, in the area directly in front of the gift shop and toward the pier. The beach felt very crowded, especially on Friday, due to the narrower area and more people due to the closing of the island. Also, it was difficult to find a shady spot, since the beach was washed away up to the tree lines. What a shame, but nature has it's ways! Not sure if Couples will be able to do anything to save the palms and restore the beach.

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    Sounds like exactly the same thing that happened to the beach when we were there the first part of January. We woke up the last morning to see the beach just as you described it.

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    Oh no This makes me torn again between CTI and CN.

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    thank god for the pier !!! at least the topless were no adversly impacted

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    Default Oh no

    We will be leaving for our first trip to any Couples Resorts in 14 days, of course I booked TI.
    Now I'm reading that Tower Isle has strong winds, heavy surf, and 1/2 of the beach missing.. Next I'll be reading about the Cold Front that dropped high temp. down to mid 60's like we have in Tampa. OH NO, please tell me this isn't true !!

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    Default Beach Erosion

    We are staying at CTI in April. After being at the beach in Negril, I am sorry to hear about the beach. What will our visit be like? Will it be a disappointment? Will there be a beach?

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    Does the beach recover on it's own or does it have to be "restored" by the Resort? We go the end of April.............

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    No Worries! One of our best days was spent freezing, in the pouring down rain, wrapped in towels, at the bar on SSB. Great friends, laughter, and rum cream to keep us busy and warm!

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