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    Default CTI Food "Must Haves"

    We will be at CTI in less than two weeks for the first time since 2007. Can anyone give us some food suggestions (lunch/dinner and snack/appetizer/entree) for the various restaurants/grills?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Jerk Chicken and french fries and cheese from the pool grille for a snack and definitely ALL the food at the beach party!!!!

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    They make a sandwich out of the smoked marlin at the veggie bar? We just had the smoked marlin dip with the yam chips or whatever they were.. so good!

    Other suggestions: Jerk burger at the grille, and Jamaican patties at the grill!

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    definetly the smoked marlin dip at the veggie bar!!!

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    Jamaican meat patties, jerk pork at the Pool Grill!

    The snapper or snook from the buffet - - they usually have it at lunch and dinner, and no matter how it's fixed, it's delicious!

    I truly didn't dislike one thing I tried - oh, wait . . . I found the coconut-chicken soup a little odd . . .

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