Help, please. We are a couple in our 60's and will be celebrating our 10th anniversary next Feb. Considering a Couples resort, but not sure which one works for us. We like to "veg out" on the beach most of the day, after the gym and breakfast. We usually have dinner early and look around for some form of entertainment in the evening. We don't dance and we don't do casino's. We were supposed to visit Swept Away 2 years ago, but had to cancel at the last minute when I needed heart surgery. From everybody I have "talked" to the suggestion has been Swept Away. As I stated earlier, we are up early to use the gym, but then spend the day on the beach. My wife likes to swim laps when she can get a pool that accommodates her. We are not anti-social and would like to meet people, but we do like to have resort entertainment available when possible. I like to have a couple of drinks in the evening, but my wife does not drink. And we are rather limiting with our diet (mostly salads, a lot of veggies, small portions of meat, etc.)
We have been to Aruba MANY times, as well as the Riviera Maya, Dominican Republic, Bermuda (where we were married), Bahama's, Curacao, and Jamaica (once).
Any and all info/suggestions would be appreciated.