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    Default Blue mountain coffee question

    Just wondering if anyone knows how much coffee per person can be brought back to the states. thanks

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    From what I understand there is no limit on coffee brought back from Jamaica.

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    Awesome, I should bring an extra suitcase then...or buy one down there, LOL. I am addicted to BMC.

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    No limit, up to commercial exclusions; in other words, there comes a point when it becomes obvious that you're not dabbling in coffee for personal consumption, but rather operating as an importer... two different things.

    There are also limits to the amount you can carry before being subject to a duty tax, but that isn't a quantity thing... its a dollar amount. Check the limitations and forms at .

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    We were told 10 lbs per person was the limit. We brought back 20 lbs and customs raised their eyebrow at us. My SIL just brought back 40 lbs for us, but I'm not sure if customs said anything or if they split the coffee up between the 14 people who went on the trip. Either way it means we have enough coffee to last the rest of the year while drinking it daily.
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    $800.00 dollars in merchandise per the customs declaration form. At $18.00 per 1 lb bag that equals roughly 40 lbs. of coffee.... Per person...

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    Thanks everyone. Just wanted to make sure we could bring some back for a few family members. Sounds like we should be in the clear by far

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    what is so good about blue mountain coffee?? i can't wait to try it...I love me some coffee

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    It taste great. Just not much caffeine in it.

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    Anytime you bring back large amounts of something, just let the customs agents know that it isn't for resale just personal use.

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