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    Hey Big Blue. I think April and I just one-upped you. We were in Miami last week for a convention and we stayed out clubbing too late so we decided to hit the beach the next day and skip the classes. We went to Haulover Beach (AN beach - actually it is C/O) and fell asleep and when I woke up an Asian lady was sitting in the sand right in front of our towels and her man was busy snapping pictures (she was fully clothed!) of her with us spread eagle in the background. I jumped up and asked him what the heck he thought he was doing and I got the "No speak English" gig from him. They scurried off but I am sure that April and I are bound to be on the internet sometime soon. Too funny now but I irate at the time!

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    I, as a long time beach lover (sky clad of course) want to wade in on this as well. Blue, a firm "no thanks" as in "your kink is not my kink" works well and they will often go off to greener pastures like at Hedonism.
    As for gawkers, it is quite funny that when they are greeted by the occupents of the AN area, they are more embarassed then the AN people. We know how to act in that venue and the reason that they are gawkers is that they don't "get it." We will be at CN starting on the 22nd of Jan and hope to spend EVERY DAY in the AN Area. BTW it is our honeymoon!

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