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    Default sand fleas

    My husband and i are heading to CSA July 6 and cant wait. i have read a lot about the sand fleas... can you use bug spray on the beach to avoid the sand fleas??? is there a trick to not getting bitten by them???

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    yes it helps, try something with citronella ?spelling. tried that last year at css and it worked better than the bug spray i brought

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    Sand fleas can be a problem early in the morning or after sunset. Some people aren't bothered by them at all, but they are a problem for others. The sundries shop at each resorts carries insect repellant. If you find that you're being bothered by the little buggers, buy some then.
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    The only time I have been affected by them is at night. Never been bitten during the day, maybe I'm lucky.
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    I read something that I can't remember right now, but if you start taking vitamin B (I think) it creates a natural repellent to the bugs. I'd try that and take some Avon Skin-So-Soft. That stuff is really good and gives you some good moisturizer to your dry sun-soaked skin.

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    We'll be there when you are! We'll happily share our critter spray with you!

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    Skin So Soft works but I was reading another Jamaica message board and someone actually said they used a flea collar on the ankles and was never bothered by sand fleas.

    In all the years that we have gone to Jamaica we have never been bothered by fleas on the beach. I give much credit to the resort staff for doing an excellent job picking up all the sea debris and grass that may wash in.

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    Default Sand Fleas

    Hi, I was just at couples swept away June 13-20th . I have been there 2 previous times one in march 2004 and one in november 2007, I guess rainy season had started early because it was very wet and buggy.It seemed like when the sun wasn't out during the day the sand fleas bit you alive. It rained everyday at 1p.m and the sun no longer came out. Oh well because of the bugs and the rain I wouldn't recommend going in June.

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    Keep in mind sand fleas are nothing like regular fleas so those type of treatments/preventions might not work. Sand fleas feed on plants, such as what washes up on the beach, and they feed in the early morning and late dusk. So if you're on the beach during these times and there is some seaweed or other grass that has washed ashore, then the sand fleas might be there. And they hardly wander more than a few hundred feet from the water. They are also more prone to bite paler skin because it is thinner.

    In all of our trips, we've only had a problem with sand fleas at CSS and it was during dinner at Bella Vista. We didn't have any trouble at CSA.
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    Default Sand fleas

    Hello. Ok I JUST got back TODAY from CSA and I was really torn up with the sand fleas and I had Deep woods off on. Its really only at night, so when you go out, put on 100% Deet and that might help you. I didnt mind even though they have itched like crazy since but it was pretty bad out there especially for the Friday Beach party. Cover yourself in it.

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    It rained late in the afternoon on our last full day at SweptAway in mid-May... and just around sunset, the sandfleas got viscous! They'd never bothered me before that, but they sure seem to be attracted to my bride (she's sooooo sweet!).

    I've read on another forum about research regarding use of various remedies for 'squitoes, sand fleas and noseeums. All very scientific, but the result was that your best bet is to use high concentrations (90% or better) of DEET. Low concentrations are very ineffective, and a waste of time and money.

    DEET has been determined to be safe for anyone who does not have a sensitivity to it. It does have its problems though... the higher concentrations will break down (melt) plastics, such as those found on wedding gown trim, chairs, artificial fingernails and coatings, and such (this happened to my bride last week while we were camping... she sat on a plastic mesh chair). Since DEET is a distillate of petroleum (I believe), this may be the responsible component for these problems. Care should be taken in its application, and then be sure that it has dried before exposing your skin to the plastics.

    In any case, rest assured that the li'l buggers DO exist (I had my doubts), and their nibble can pack a whallop... especially if you're prone for bug bites. 'nuff said?

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    Default Sand fleas or "no-see-ums"

    We visited Roatan, Honduras two years ago and heard the sand fleas or "no-see-ums" were awful. We used Deet every time we went out in the evenings but I have to say it absolutely ruins your nail polish... I know it sounds minor, but for us females, it is quite irritating! I sincerely hope there are no sandfleas at CSA as we're arriving July 10th. This is our first time to Jamaica and we're looking for a wonderful vacation!

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    Stay in the pool and drink at the pool bar and you don't have to worry about the sand.

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    I have also heard the Listerine works. I haven't tried it myself, but a friend of my sprayed it all over her backyard, and it really helped with the "skeeters"

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    SUNLOVER I do not want to disappoint you but there are sand fleas there right now. The staff even borrowed my spray on FRiday due to they were getting hit by them. Just bring stuff and when it starts to get late start putting it on and reapplying. I still got them even with stuff on but I am sure I would have been ALOT worse off if I didnt. Its gonna happen.

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    we just got back from CSA and the fleas were terrible at night. dont sit in the hammocks at night. they attract to those bad. we did the beach dinner one night and used some bug wipes which helped but they still got us. my wife is still itching her legs.

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    I'm beginning to think the more alcohol you consume, the less the bugs will bother you. I didn't have a problem and I'm usually very susceptible to bug bites. But I did consume a lot of sparkling wine

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    Default Sandfleas

    Well, thanks everyone for your help. I guess I just will not worry about those buggers and have a good time. I'll bring the Skintastic and Skin So Soft but the Deet - not good for me. Just 3 more nights and we'll be there!

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