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    Default E mail address for wedding requests

    Hi everyone,

    Im sure I will be posting on this message board now our wedding is less then four weeks away!!!

    I wanted to send Tamika a few requests for our wedding but the email address I have does not seem to be working!!!

    Just wondered if any one could help?

    Thanks again

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    Well I'm pretty sure you're only supposed to communicate with the Stateside wedding coordinator which is Debbie Hall. You're not supposed to meet with Tamika until after you get to the resort, at least this was my understanding. The wedding corodinators can have up to 7 or 8 weddings a day, I just don't think they'd have time to meet with that many people on a daily basis and deal with the people who haven't even made it to the resort yet. I'd try Debbie Hall, I'm sure she'll help you.

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    I was told by my travel agent here in the uk to contact Tamika directly. I understand that she is obviously very busy so I dont want to trouble her. I just dont want to find out that when I get there the spa is fully booked and I cant get the appointment I need for my wedding day. Also wanted the private dinner for our wedding night as it is just the two of us. I think I will have to go back to my travel agent and find a diffferent way. May be I am just stressing too much. Thanks for your reply.

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    You can and should book that through Debbie Hall. I know she will gladly book any appointments or dinners you'd like. There's several other ladies on here who have booked those things with her through email, that's what she's here for. I think your travel agent is just confused.

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    Thanks for your help

    19 days to go yeeeaaahhhh xxxx

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    19 days to go how exciting. Are you all ready


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