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    Default March 2010 - 11th to 20th


    Very early notice but anyone already booked for March next year?

    Gill & I went last year to Sans Souci to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and the holiday was brilliant! Met wonderful people on Sunset Beach & cannot wait to repeat the experience.

    On the old message board, we are A_G Thomas & you'll see there was a great camaderie before we even got to the Resort, with loads of messages (a few of us were bumped from Tower Isle due to the refurb.

    Now we've been to CSS, we are very pleased to be going back. Count down those days!!!!

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    We also have already booked for 9th - 30th March next year. This will be our first visit to Couples and we are counting down the days. We spent ages deciding which resort to choose but in the end it was the lure of Sunset Beach, which persuaded us.

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    we'll be there 3/10-3/17. I can't wait! 232 days and counting! LOL!

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    ONLY 200 days to go! Is anyone else joining us or are we going to have SSB all to ourselves?

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    We stayed at CSS last August. We were so impressed that we already booked for March 14 - 23 2010. Can't wait to go back to SSB. Hope to see you there

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    We've booked the 13th - 19th. Can't wait! It's already all I can think about.

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    We will be coming down 3/11/10 to 3/18. See you a SSB. Only 144 days to go.
    Looking forward toseeing familar faces

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    Anyone else going in March? 96 days left for us!

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    We just booked for March 5th to 12th, for our fifth trip to Sans Souci! Can't wait!

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    We justed booked our sixth trip to CSS and SSB, March 11th to the 18th. SBB here we come again......can't wait.

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    just booked March 14-21. First time to Couples/ Jamaica. Looking forward to a romantic vacation and meeting new people!

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    Hello all, Craig and I just booked March 9, 2010 thru the 16th. We were just in CTI November 09 and had a wonderful vacation. Our friends Janice and Charlie will be joining us so were looking forward to meeting all you guys.


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    I'm so jealous, you guys are going back to Jamaica and Jake and I will be left out in the cold. Just kidding – Janice, Megan & Mary Ann – “OH “ by the way, Mark and Mary Ann I just found out you are going also. I know you’ll have a great time so think of us while you’re on SSB. Jake and I will meet all you guys in Palm Springs on the 2nd of June. Have some drinks for us and we’ll be thinking about you.

    Leah & Jake

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    41 days! The anticipation is killing me

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    Hi everyone, we just booked our trip for March 14-21st. We will be celebrating our 20th anniversary and want to renew our vows. This is our 3rd trip to CSS and can't wait. We haven't gone to SBB which it sound most of you will be, but for anyone who doesn't we will be the couple at the swim up bar every day. See you then.

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    Me and my sweety are heading in on march 7th to 14th , were from nova scotia canada , its going to be great for me iam a bartender and waitress for 21 years, and i have been dreaming of this secluded relaxing loving attmosphere, with my sweety for sooo long, cant wait! less then 6 weeks

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    Well here we go, we are Mark and Mary Ann from Palm Springs CA. – this is our first time on the message board. Mark and I booked 3/8/10 to 3/16/10 this will be our first time at CSS. We travel often to the Caribbean and decided to try CTI last November. What a great vacation we met so many friends there and we will be joining them again this March. Leah & Jake you know we will miss you very much - BUT we are looking forward to hosting all you guys at our home in June, you also know that all of our drinks in March are toasting you guys. We decided to book 8 nights and arrive a day before our group only because it takes us about 18 hours to arrive in Jamaica from CA. Charlie, we will reserve our favorite chairs on SSB this time, Mary Ann and I will let you sleep in this vacation, well maybe only the first day. We are looking forward to another fantastic vacation and also looking forward to meeting some new friends to join our terrific group. Charlie & Janice thank you for joining us at our home last week we miss you already.

    Mary Ann & Mark

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    Less than 3 weeks- who else is joining us?

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    We can almost taste the drinks at SSB........

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    Well 16 more days and we’ll be soaking up the Jamaican sun. We are Charlie and Janice arriving 3-9 to 3-16. We have record breaking snow this year and I’m sick of it. Hey guys, our reservations to Evita’s are set for Thursday night, they are sending a car for us again. Leah, we really wish you guys were joining the group but we understand, family life comes first, all our drinks are for you guys – you can make it up when we get together at Mark and Mary Ann’s in June. Craig and Megan we’ll see you on Monday night, try not to get lost this time.  Leah and Mary Ann, you guys were right…. I do like Facebook, way better communication and sharing with good friends.

    Charlie & Janice

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    We're sooooooooo excited 10 more days - I can't stand it. Anyone else going to be there

    Mary Ann

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    20 MORE DAYS//////
    Cant wait ,Im sorry i kinda messed up and posted another Thread on this date when we first started reading it we thought this thread was for next year ,,So were happy to see all of you next month .Ill buy the first round at the swim up .lol
    Mario & Merrydth

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    Yep, 14 more days to go for us. I can't wait!!!

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    Welcome aboard everyone!!!!! SSB is a very romantic place.

    At the same time, staff and guests are very friendly. Show everyone those wonderful smiles and you will get to know a lot of great people like we did. Craig & I are looking at 9 more days. Will anyone be joining us on Sunset Beach? Mary Ann & Jan I know you guys are. See you Monday girl and Tuesday we will be in Jamaica!!!!!!!! Count down those days!!!!!!

    Megan and Craig
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    We will be arriving on the 11th from Texas and at SSB first thing Friday morning see you all there.

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