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    Default Negril vs Couples Swept Away

    Hi, I am having a very hard time deciding on which resort to stay in. I live in NYC and lead a hectic life so wanted a quite secluded time away with my boyfriend but am nervous that at night there will be nothing to do being restaurants close so early. Any Advice? Thank you very much!!

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    Just because the resturants close, doesn't mean the entertainment ends. In fact, that's just when it starts to get good! Plus, both CN and CSA have beach grills which are open late into the night if you get hungry.

    Both resorts are great! Check out this board, look at pictures, check out what each resort offers, look at the panoramic mpas....and then go with your gut! We like to say on the board that you don't choose a Couples resort...the resort chooses you!

    Here are some quick differences:
    CN - Sits in Bloody Bay which it shares with 3 other resorts and public beach access. Separate section of main beach used for nude sunbathing. Individual buildings throughout the resort for the rooms. All on beach level. Somewhat spread out. Huge main pool with swim-up bar. Rooms decorated in bright colors. Room service only in select room categories and it must be ordered a day in advance. All rooms have mini bars.
    > CSA - Sits on 7 mile beach. Separate buildings for rooms that are cabana like, dark wood and white linens. Resort is spread out along the beach but all on beach level. Only resort with rooms right on the beach where you can walk off your first floor patio into sand. Night Club. Some rooms do not have televisions or mini bars. 5 restaurants. No nude sunbathing option. Huge sports complex across the street.
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    Not sure about anyone else, but there have been things going on at night that we don't hear about until the next morning at CN. Why you ask? Because by about 9:30 10:00 pm we are so tired that we can not keep our eyes open.

    Last year at CN, because we were popped early we did not go to the piano bar one night and missed all the fire works. There was a newlywed couple there from Italy that added a lot of spice to the evening. Another time there was a whole group that was out partying until about 4 am, they were dragging around the swim up bar late the next afternoon, having just rolled out of bed.

    My point is that as far as night life is concerned there is things going on, it just is not Hedo or a party resort that you might find at spring break.

    And I do agree with Amy, let the resort choose you, look at the pictures, read some reviews, read posts here and listen to your heart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kboss View Post
    Hi, I am having a very hard time deciding on which resort to stay in. I live in NYC and lead a hectic life so wanted a quite secluded time away with my boyfriend but am nervous that at night there will be nothing to do being restaurants close so early. Any Advice? Thank you very much!!
    In a sense, you're kind of contradicting yourself. On the one hand you state that your life is hectic living in NYC (BTW, just loooooooove that town, truly a city that never sleeps), but then you're worried about not having anything to do at night.

    Amy has already pointed out that there's entertainment and stuff to do once the restaurants have closed, it just won't be the vibe put out like that of your home city. Besides, you indicated a need to get away from the hectic lifestyle, I would think the last thing you'd worry about is how to keep yourselves busy during the late hours.

    So my lone suggestion is simple: upon arrival at whichever resort you select, take a deep breath, letting that sweet, tropical air fill your lungs, then take in all what Couples has to offer and enjoy.

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    We're from Westchester.

    Couples Resorts aren't known for their nightlife, but if you're looking to party, you'll have no trouble finding like-minded people.

    We're returning to CN in 11 days. Can't wait.
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    My husband and I just loved CSA. The beach is really spread out and gorgeous. You can walk 7 Mile Beach in either direction for miles. On those walks you can see local shops, resorts, bars, restaurants, etc. We thought CSA was very laid back and relaxing. During the days we just vegged out on the beach. At night you have multiple dining choices and there is live entertainment every night. I believe the Palms has entertainment every night and then there is a piano bar that kicks in at 9 or 10 and then there is a disco after that. The disco closes when the last person leaves. Both CN and CSA are in Negril and their are places to go to have night fun there too.

    I think you will love CSA. The rooms are classic Caribbean with lots of wood and white linens. The beach is fine white sand and crystal clear blue water. You can raise a flag and someone will bring you a drink. There are two different beach bars that you can watch the beautiful sunset and have a drink. The food choices are many and the food is fabulous. It was the best place we've ever been. We go back for our second time this fall. Good luck deciding. I'm sure you'll love either resort. Couples Rock!

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    I am thinking CSA would be a better fit for you because you can walk down the beach and find lots of places to party.

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    We are from NY. We loved CSA. Visited CN. While the people and the pool, and the restaurants are centrally located, and look nice we didn't like how congested the beach felt. We like how everything is spread out at CSA. Never feel congested there. Plus you have a little casino, a regular club / disco besides the piano bar. Entertainment every night at the Palms. A beautiful dance floor. We never felt like there was nothing to do. In fact, just the opposite. Always something to do at night. Just loved it. Can't wait to go back.

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