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    Default Jamaican Easter baskets?

    We are leaving our 4 kids behind (ages 3-12) when we head to CTI at the end of the month. We'll be home on Easter Sunday, in the evening. We're trying to figure out what we should do about Easter baskets for the kids (our annual tradition). We still have a couple Easter bunny believers, so we have to make this good. lol

    We though about making something up before we leave and have grandma and grandpa put them out for us. But what would be even more fun is bringing home goodies from the "Jamaican Easter bunny" instead. I have no idea what's available down there though. Do they have a basket tradition? Are there goodies unique to Jamaica that I could come home with? Or am I looking at the same jellybeans and pastel colored M&M's down there?

    Thanks for your help with this difficult dilemma. LOL

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    You are going to put alot of stress on yourself. Make up the basket ahead of time and let the Grandparents put them out.

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    Set it up before you go, you won't find good chocolate or Easter candy like we have here. We always take bags of it down over Easter.

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    You won't find M&M's there, and if you did they wouldn't be pastel and they would cost about 3 times what you pay at home.

    Most of the food there is imported - so unless your kids like Rum, Coffee or jerk seasoning, there isn't much you can bring them home in the way of treats- nothing you can't get at home...just some candy in different wrappers, not much of anything.

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    I think this is a cool idea. I would buy the goodies at home (candy, etc) but pick them each up a hand woven basket from one of the lovely vendors...

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    Hi Autumn!
    We will be at CSA the same time, flying home on Easter. We've decided to have the Easter goodies ready beforehand and leave them at home...mostly so I don't have to think about it while on vacation! But I do love the idea of have a Jamaican basket for the egg hunt when we get back! I'm going to look for that! (Or I'll make my own at basket weaving!)

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    I always bring home some Cadburys chocolate bars; in Jamaica they get their Cadburys from the U.K. and it's just way better than the "made in the U.S.A." version. More milky, and smoother.

    I also bring home some Bounty Bars, another UK sweet treat which is like a Mounds Bar except that it's covered in milk chocolate instead of dark, and the coconut filling is not so overly sweetened.

    Check the airport shops on your way back, you might find some other goodies that they're not used to getting here in the States. Cadbury's has some nice boxed assortments like their popular "Roses" collection, I'm pretty sure they sell those at the duty free shops.
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    Kids like foreign currency (atleast I did when I was a kid). Get some Jamaican coins and put them in plastic Easter Eggs and hide them around the house or put them in the basket. Or tiny sea shells- put those in the eggs.

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    there is a tortuga store at the airport that has some interesting goodies
    other then rum cakes (probably not kid appropriate)

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