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    Default Dress code for Beach Party and Gala - CSS

    What is the dress codes for these events? I'm trying to plan very carefully so I don't overpack. I think I read somewhere that the beach party was very casual and the gala was very "dressy". Can anyone confirm this?

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    You are very correct on the dress code for the Beach Party and the Starlight Gala.

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    ask yourself how many times a year do you really get a chance to wear that tux ? dress to impress your lady will appreciate it

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    We wore shorts and t-shirts to the beach party. I wore a dress to the Gala, while Bob wore dress slacks and a collared shirt.

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    Default dress

    if you wear a tux you will be the only one

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    I wore a sundress every night and Scott wore dress pants with a button up shirt every night and we felt right at home. CSS struck us as being a bit dressier than CTI or CN, so we never wore shorts at night.
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    Thanks for the help!

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    Dont wear a tux, but look nice. The majority of the people in this resort dress up even when there is nothing going on. My wife and I dressed up only for the Gala, then the rest of the week we chilled in our bathing suit and shorts. It's upto the individual, but dress up for Gala, just not in a tux.

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