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    Default CSS rooms with ocean view??

    Which rooms do we want to book atCSS to have a view of the ocean?

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    All the rooms @ CSS are oceanview. The only difference is if the room is obstructed by trees or partially by a building. The rooms on higher floors can have a better oceanview

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    We love the Beachfront Oceanview Room. We get a beaufiful view of the ocean, beach and grounds. Plus you don't have to run the steps all day long. You just walk right out to the beach and or pool. And the restaurants that serve breakfast and lunch are down by the beach. Plus you are right there for the Friday night gala and the Beach party.

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    Buildings on the higher levels, like G, only have views of the ocean. But the lower rooms, like A/B/D, have views of the ocean and beach. I'd be happy to share our pics and map ( if that would help.
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    Default CSS ocean view rooms

    Thanks for response I'll send email address to you if you don't mind showing your photos

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    Building F has views of the sea AND mountains.
    For us, that's nicer than just looking out to Sea...

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