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    Default Is there a couple willing to video tape our wedding on 5-14-10 at CSA?

    My fiance and I will be at Couples Swept Away from May 12-18 and are getting married on Friday May 14 at 10am. We are going to hire the resort photographer to take our photos, but will not be using them to take the video. We were wondering if anyone who would be there on this date would be willing to help us out? One of you would use our video camera to video tape our ceremony and cake cutting, and then the other could use our camera to take some pictures as well? We will photograph or video your wedding in exchange for helping us out.

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    Id be happy to video your wedding! All you have to do is pay for a trip to couples for me!! lol

    Seriously though, if i was going to be there, i would help you out. Enjoy your wedding! Good luck finding someone

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