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    Default Just booked!!!! June!!!

    My hubby just booked us for June 13 at CSA!!!!! )) Can't wait to return home!! this will be our 3rd visit!!! 3 months to go!

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    Sounds great. We are going to CSA June 13-17.

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    Check out the June thread in the "Meet-Up At Couples" section. Lots of June folks will be there, including us.

    See you at the beach!

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    Have a great time!! In 27 days my wife and I will be going to SweptAway, first timers!! Cant wait!!

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    Isn't it the most exciting feeling when you book your trip again? You know what awaits you and you get to enjoy the anticipation!! I felt just like you when we recently booked our next trip. Yea! We get to go back to Couples!

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    I KNOW!!!! It's all I think about now!!! COUPLES!! JAMAICA!!! That's the only think going through my mind. I'm definitely going to check out the June thread! See everyone there!!!

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