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    Default Crabracer medical update good & bad

    A quick recap first; Had prostate cancer in June of '08 Surgery to remove prostate Oct. '08 hormone replacement meds for six months in early '09 .

    I had my most recent PSA test a couple of weeks ago. The past two tests were the same. .03 What they described as "clinically undecidable". This test the number is .04 Even though this is a very small increase, it may be indicative of things to come. I remember Peter, my surgeon, mentioning that if the number begins to rise, even a small increase, would mean that testosterone is returning to my body and that will give what ever cancer cell that still remain in my blood stream, something to feed on.
    Peter told me that this is going to become a chronic problem for me. Each time the numbers go up, I will be put on some medication. The aim of the meds., is to get rid of the testosterone, thereby eliminating the food source for the cancer cells. According to what this one doctor has told me, the cells in the bloodstream can't be attacked. If there is no food for them, testosterone, then some cells will die, others will remain dormant in my system.
    I have no reason to doubt my surgeon. I believe what he says is in my best interest. But I'm still going to do some more research. It's not really starting back at square one, but this news does not make the old crabracer very happy. And Mrs. crabracer is not to excited either.

    Syl and I have had time to talk about this new situation. For us, it's just another "bump" in the road. I sure wish they could get that damed road fixed. We've hugged and cried and reassured each other that we will still be here for each other. Sharing, Caring. Giving. Loving.

    There is no panic. We are not freaked out. We may not like the news, but we'll deal with it. And in 32 days from today, we will arrive back home at CTI. There, in a wonderful setting, peaceful and serene, we will find the strength, courage and energy necessary to continue on "Keepin on". Set em up Damion, we coming home.


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    You have every reason to be less than happy, but the right attitude as always. You are strong willed, with a strong woman, and a strong love along side you. One day at a time my friend.

    In the meantime as you said, JA here we come, great times, wonderful memories, and romantic moments with the ones we love!

    See you in a few short weeks on a trading places day!

    Our thoughts and prayers remain with you everyday!

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    I go in for my next PSA test April 16th. I hope my news is better than your was. For me so far so good. The numbers have been low and not moved up. Good luck and know that medicating to control the cell growth is at least a way to keep them in check.


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    Barry, Good luck to you too. Let me know what happens.


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    So sorry to hear of your slight set-back. Will keep you in our prayers. See you soon at the New England PAR TAA.

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    Infection can also cause minor PSA swings also. Some times Cipro brings it back to norm.

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    Have a fantabulous vacation!!! Lord knows you both need it! Think about nothing, other then being "home"!

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    Default Crabracer

    Hello!! It's Kim Robinson. I started the need prayers thread that you so kindly responded to with hope and prayers. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Syl. Kim and Wayne Robinson

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    Ritchie and Sylvia our prayers are with you. ou do have the right spirit tho and sometimes that can be better than any meds they put you on.. Will see you next week and although we probably won't say anything then, who wants to bring up bad stuff on such a wonderful night, know that you are being prayed for now and then.

    Bonnie and Mike (Bonz1962 and N1fru)

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    Thoughts and prayers with you and may God deeply bless and heal you! Have a great vacation!
    Glenda & Mickey

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    Prayers, Prayers, Prayers for you! You have a great attitide and a Great wife....I will pray that all will be fine.

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    Richie, You know Keith and I love you and Sylvia very much. We're praying for you and I'm sure that a good relaxing trip home will be the best medicine for you right now. Can't wait to see you when we arrive on the 18th!

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    Richie..Peggy and I continue to pray for you..You will be fine.
    You and your lovely Sylvia will have a great trip to your CTI home.
    Peggy and I hope to see you on the 21st.

    Hugs from 10 0 C

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    Richie - I am So Sorry to hear your news - I will pray for you and Syl. When u go back to CTI - have a blast - relax - sometimes that is the best medicine. I pray things turn out good for u. God Bless You and yours

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    Your wit, cheerfulness, and optimism has been enjoyed by many here for a long time. That energy comes right back at you...

    Best wishes!

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    Anyone vacationing March 25th to April 1st at CSA? Any comments or pictures on the Great House Veranda Suites?

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    Richie and Sylvia... You are both in our thoughts and prayers... along with your family....

    We can't wait to see you guys again.. You arrive a day before us... but we will see you in 30 days!!!

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    Greetings Crabracer & Syl. I'm sorry to read about this latest spike and will hope all goes back to where it was w/meds. Prayers as always are w/you. Enjoy your holiday and keep us posted. Razzl

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    WE don't know you but our prayers go out for you, God Bless..

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    Bellyup WE are coming in on the 29th of Mar.

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    Hi Rich, Hope everything works out for you. You have tons of friends on this message board who wish you and Sylvia nothing but the best. If you can find the time, please keep writing on the MB. You have an uncanny way of putting some very anxious peoples minds at ease. I enjoy reading your replies. I hope you find comfort in that because your writing certainly shows genuine concern for others. You and Sylvia deserve it.
    Keep fighting and writing and we'll do all the praying for you.
    (Had mine out in 04)Normal PSA now, but always worried.
    See ya on the rock in November Don and Cindy.

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    Keep us up to date on the news, Richie! You and Syl are definitely in our thoughts! Enjoy your time back home at CTI! I wish we could join you there but we are in the thick of things planning for our wedding. I'm hoping that we can afford to return home this November when you are there!

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    Richie, I'll keep it short & sweet: keep fighting the good fight, and I look forward to meeting you next month.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Hydration can also play a role in PSA levels. Mine has normally been .5 or less, my last test when I was really sick was 2.4. Tested it again after I got better and it was back down to .5.

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    IAcouple That is true about hydration. There are almost as many answers as their are doctors. From large universities, teaching hospitals, and right on down to the level of a particular doctor that one may be seeing. At this point, I'm just playing a waiting game. After the test this coming June is when we will have more answers.

    Thanks to all who left their well wishes and inspiration. After all, all we really have is each other.


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