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    Default How you found Couples for the first time

    I'll start....
    In 2005 I was vacation surfing on the internet for an all inclusive after having a good experience at an AI in St Lucia. Went to Trip Advisor and typed in "top 10 all inclusives" and the "S" in Negril came up. The first review I looked at on TA was someone saying "go to Couples-save lots of money and have a better experience". The rest is history. Trip #7 coming soon!

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    It was 2005 for us too. I was surfing the internet for a beach destination to surprise my husband for his 40th birthday. I'm not sure how I found it, but I sure am glad I did. I'd spent hours and hours researching and reading about Couples, then which one to actually try. This message board helped me seal the deal. We picked CSA. We loved it so much, we tried the Secret Rendezvous and went to CSS. Last year we tried CN. This year we are going back to CSA for my 40th. Maybe next year we'll go to CTI.

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    In 1993, we stayed at another all-inclusive near Negril. We met a darling Aussie couple who were just getting started (she was a TA, he was serving his anesthesiology internship in Boston), and were doing a split at this resort, with the second half at a place called SweptAway. They told us all about it when we met them at the airport for departure.

    Two years later, we tried SweptAway for our 20th anniversary. In May, we're returning for visit number 8!

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    My boyfriend surprised me with our first Couples vacation - he found the resort online (I had been to the Shoe and S Clubs resorts in Ocho Rios several times as a single person and raved about them). He wanted something different and romantic, and I'd say he hit the jackpot!! This was 10 or so years ago, and we had the great good fortune of going to CSA and being the very first residents of a first floor corner unit BFVS (this is when the "new" side was just being built). I was absolutely "swept away" by how wonderful everyone was, and how very romantic the resort was - it had any of the other resorts I had visited beat by miles and miles in that category!

    Like Mobob, the rest is history, and Thanksgiving will be CSA trip #7! Can't wait to go back!!

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    I found CSA before it was a Couples. I was in Negril and walked down the beach and saw Swept Away. I remember the turquoise floaties and the rustic look of the property. I stayed there the first year it was open and have been going back ever since.

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    We found Couples Resorts while searching for a resort to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We wanted NO kids, US time when we wanted it and all adult. Couples Resorts always seems to come to the top of the list.

    The toughest choice we had to make was which of the 4 Couples to go to. We looked at 1000's of pictures of each resort and Couples Negril was tugging at our heart saying "Pick me". We selected CN over CSA for its location on a calm bay, beautiful sunsets and an AU Natural beach.

    We haven't regretted our decision and CN is our little piece of heaven.

    I wonder where we're going for our 30th?

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    It was a search engine for me too. I searched for top AIs and most romantic AIs because I was planning our 25th anniversary and wanted it to be special. We stayed at an S for our 10th and had been to the B next door to CSA with our kids. When I saw all the different levels of service at S now, I knew it was not for us. I also knew what a great beach CSA has because I had walked it on previous vacations. It made CSA an easy choice for us. We loved it and are going to try CSS this year.

    There is just something special about couples.

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    Over 2 years ago, I saw something on television about it (I think it was a special about most romantic resorts or something like that). I went to the website, read all about, looked at all the pics, and saved it in my favorites list (I have a "PLACES I'D LIKE TO VISIT BEFORE I DIE" folder lol). Never thought I'd get to visit honestly unless I won the lottery. I had been a single mom for over 13 years and kind of gave up on finding my prince charming. A year ago, I met the most wonderful man and we are getting married May 22! AND we are going to CSA for our honeymoon!! All a dream come true for me...

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    2009. We wanted to take a vacation. Decided we were looking for an Adult Only AI. We were talking with friends, doing research, talking with travel agents. We found TripAdvisor where I "searched" by location... Cuba, DR, Mexico and Jamaica. I saw the resorts were ranked within each location so I started going through them. I read about Couples Negril, then the other Couples Resorts... AI, adult only and COUPLES ONLY! We were captivated, so we booked at CN. We arrived in April of '09. Then we were hooked. Honestly, we weren't there 15 minutes when my wife, looking out over the resort from the lobby, turned to me and said "I love this place." Besides the beauty and the service we had already experienced there is this atmosphere, this vibe that just makes you feel like you belong, like everything is good, like you've arrived. That feeling lasted the entire time we were there.

    We will be back at CN in 36 days. We're planning our 2011 trip which we will book before we leave on April 13th, either back at CN or we might try CSS.


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    We first discovered CSA about 7 years ago by simply doing a word search for "All inclusive resorts Jamaica".

    It's officially the best Google that I've ever made.
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    funny you should bring up the subject!
    I found CSA kinda by accident looking at some co-workers pictures of her elopement- of course to Couples Swept Away!-at the same time somewhat saddened by my recent divorce. Alas years go by, I meet by Knight in shining armour who asks me to marry him. When he asks where I'd like get married I think I shocked him when I said without thinking Swept Away! The pictures I had seen many years before were still fresh in my mind and I knew then that was were I wanted to begin our new life together! Anxious to return again this December!!! Thanks Couples!!

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    Default Finding Couples!

    We had visited Jamaica a few years ago but had visited the other side of the island and stayed at a "mega" resort; the place was beautiful but it had no personality. We felt like we were just a number. We had a nice time but certainly not a great time! We heard so many great things about Negril that we decided that it would be our next destination. We wanted to make sure though that we didn't make the same mistake and stay in a mega resort again. So the research began...the internet and vacation forums is where we first heard of Couples. Hearing everyone's reviews and discussions on the travel forums I really couldn't believe it was true; these Couples resorts sounded amazing! So I looked at the Couples website and the message board and the rest is history. As soon as my husband saw the pictures of CSA, he said "that is the place for us!". As soon as we entered the Couples lounge at the airport we felt like we were part of a family; everyone went out of their way to ensure we were having a wonderful time. Can't wait for our return trip this summer!!!

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    Pure accident in 1999!!!

    Hubby and I "thought" we booked at S Ocho Rios (we had never heard of Couples)... we flew into Mo Bay and went to check in with the S desk...
    They had no record of our reservation. So they looked at our Travel Documents (yes, we still had paper stuff back then) and informed us that we would be staying at Couples!?!?!?!?!?!

    At the time, the S place had a huge welcome area in the airport so we were directed around the corner to where a beautiful Jamaican woman was sitting behind a little kiosk with the Couples Logo on the front. She was very sweet and they put us on a bus right away.

    Needless to say, it was a tense bus ride (even after we stopped at the rest stop and threw back a couple of Red Stripes) since we hadn't even seen a picture of the resort or heard of the Couples brand. We got off the but at COR (CTI now) and were greated by a cool towel, glass of champagne and a beautiful view of the island...
    We have never looked back!!

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    Like many in this day and age, we discovered this wonderful resort on the internet, specifically on TA. There was one subject in particular involving a direct comparison between Couples and the EE that happened to catch my eye. The person who started the thread simply asked those who stayed at both resorts to state which one they preferred. When I read the overwhelming number of responses declaring Couples as the superior resort, that set in motion a great deal more research, which of course led to our booking with them. Couldn't be happier with this decision.

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    We found it in a magazine, figured we would do a little more research and loved the pictures on the website for CSA.

    Someday we will venture to one of the other resorts, but CSA has just been so close to perfect that it has me worried to book anywhere else.

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    Years ago, I had a summer office job at a law firm (I think I was 18 or 19). I was in the lunch room and overheard a woman talking about her recent vacation in Jamaica. She had gone to an all-inclusive resort looking to hook up, and she apparently got into an argument with a woman after she started hitting on the woman's husband. She made comments like "why would married people even go to a resort like that" and stated that "they should go to Couples." I made a mental note.

    Years later after we had finished our graduate degrees and could afford to take vacations during the winter, we decided to try Couples. Our first trip was to what is now CTI when it was the only Couples Resort. The following year we tried the newly-opened CN, and we've been returning every year since. We've now visited all four, but CN remains our favorite, and we'll be returning there in a mere 11 days.
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    We were searching for an AI in Jamaica and Couples COR/CTI had the most inclusions for the money and the most restaurant choices. Also the only negative comment on the site was that if you liked to walk the beach the beach was small. Every other comment was good, so we went with it and fell in love with couples.

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    A little different story for me, as this will be my first trip in just 26 days. Was researching resorts in the DR based on a friends recommendation and wasn't thrilled with the reviews I was reading....most were happy but the percentages just weren't there for me. My gut just kept telling me this wasn't the right spot. At the same time the travel agent I was working with seemed like she didn't want my money very much as she wasn't very responsive to my questions.

    So I put something on my Facebook page asking my friends for a good romantic tropical spot for our anniversary trip. One (out of maybe 10 responses) mentioned CSA in her response. Started looking at the reviews and was overwhelmed by the positive responses/comments. Called a new travel agent that a co-worker had used recently and found out he had stayed at CSA 3 times and to say recommended it would have been an understatement based on what I told him we were looking for and my budget.

    Then I found these message boards and I've gotta tell, even though I haven't actually set foot in Negril yet, I feel like all the pieces fell into place and I found the perfect spot. I'll know for sure soon. In the meantime, I've become quite addicted to these boards. Might need some counseling soon.

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    In 1981 my husband and I were looking for a place to vacation. We were thinking of Aruba (the place at that time). My aunt and uncle had just returned from Couples Ocho Rios and told us all about the place. We were hooked on the idea of the all inclusive resort. We have been returning since then. This April will be trip #43 to Couples.

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    2005- we were searching for a place to go for our honeymoon. I was doing tons of research, but not finding anything to spoke to us! I found a honeymoon travel website and seen Couples on there. It was the Atrium Suites that snagged my hubby and I. We just love the dark wood and the white linens. Nice, classy, simple, but not overdone! CSA is our HOME! we will be returning for #3 this June 13!

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    When David and I decided to get married, I googled and googled and googled resorts all over the world. I just KNEW we were going to Mexico, or was it Vegas, or was it Costa Rica. I researched for months...and finally stumbled upon a link to Couples from one of those wedding websites. I did a little checking, and then saw the name again at a bridal show. Checked some more, came across the website where all these wonderful people who had been there could answer all my newbie questions. That sealed the deal! Been back every year but once (tried a cruise, YUCK) since then.
    Jamie & David
    CN 11/2005 & 10/2008 & 11/2011
    CSS 9/2007, 9/2009, 9/2010, 11/2011, 9/2012, 9/2013
    CTI 9/2013, 11/2015- I think this will be our last couples trip

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    I remember that day like it was yesterday...My husband & I decided to get married somewhere south, we never had a clue where we wanted to go,.
    We started looking through a travel magazine, magazine fell to the floor, i picked it up and the fist thing i saw was couples swept away..
    we are going back in Dec for our third time..soo excited.
    ~Paradise on earth!...Jamaica soon come.

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    We found Couples probably differently than anyone else. Here in the metro NYC area we have a public broadcast station in L.I.that would raise money twice a year to fund the station. Over several days they would have various auctions & packages to bid on by phone. Some were theatre tickets, restaurant dinners and vacations all donated to the station to raise money. A newly opened resort that year - Couples CN donated a vacation which we won. We loved it so much we've been back 6 times not wanting to try anything else after that. After the 6th time it wasn't fresh and exciting so we tried CSS and WOW... its so much better to us. The excitement is back so we're going to CSS next month again, counting the days.

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    Mine is somewhat unusual....My first husband had passed away a year after our divorce. Seeing as his family was 10 hours away I still ended up with having to go through his apartment and all the legal details of having children and his insurance papers. By the timme I was finished I just wanted to disappear for awhile and started searching this wonderful place called Jamaica that my grandmother always talked about. I started searching the web and found that there were Couple only resorts, NO CHILDREN!!!!!! I never heard of such of thing so figured if I am going and not bringing my kids then this was the place for me. After researching all the adult only resorts found that CTI (COR) back in 2004 had all I was looking for. Ther major advantage for this was the excursions and the fact that the A/N was away from the main swimming area was the cincher. I wasn't going A/N no way no how, guess who was the first one over there....not my then boy friend, now husband but ME!!!!!. Couples is now my home away from home. Will be returning in April and can't wait.

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    In June 1983, long before the Internet came into vogue, our travel agent came back from Jamaica and told us that she had spent a few nights at a new resort called "Couples". She said that she could book us a week in August, that was the earliest, and that if we didn't go, we would regret it forever.

    We let her book it and left Newark Airport (the old Newark Airport) on the second Saturday in August.

    The flight was uneventful, stopping once in Miami, but the ride from the airport - 3-1/2 hours in an old school bus sans air conditioning and with nothing but a few warm sodas to drink - had us wondering if we'd made a terrible mistake. The road, from Montego Bay out to Ocho Rios, was an old cow path filled with ruts and almost falling into the sea in many places.

    We came out of the jungle and there, in front of us was the open gate to Couples Jamaica, a crowd of friendly people with cold towels, and every qualm we'd built during that hot, dusty trek was washed away.
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