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    We just booked our trip to CTI, 4/24-4/28. So excited. Never been to CTI. Been to CN and CSA. Want to try all of them. I booked on Air Jamaica. Never travelled on it. Hopefully, I won't have any problems. If the flight is on time, we will get to Jamaica by 8:45 am. Is there any chance that our room would be ready? If not, will we have a place to change and store our stuff till our room is ready? Thanks.

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    Depending on where you are flying from, you may want to check out what's going on with AJ... they will cease to fly as Air Jamaica on or about April 12... there is a posting here on the message board about it. Contact them as soon as you can to see if your route is affected... it may not be, but I'd check if I were you.

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    It should be ready but if not, yes they will store your luggage and there are restrooms where you can change into your bathing suits and hit the beach!

    PS - You'll love CTI!
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    We're flying out of JFK.

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