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    Default Couples Negril - September 2008 People Search

    Hi all !

    CN was fantastic and we have some good memories :-)
    We met alot of great people there, but didnt manage to get contact info on all.

    Ok, here's your chance ;-)

    IRIE !

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    Andrew and Brandie checking in on the new board

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    Default Info

    Just type your name and facebook, email etc etc
    and people can get in touch with you.

    And Join the Facebook Group: Couples Negril :-)


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    Hi Norway, we were there sept 08. I remember a young newlywed couple from europe was that you? Keep in touch
    Thanks, Frank&Ann from Toledo

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    Default Hi !

    Good to see old friends still out there :-)
    Andrew & Brandie, glad to see you both !

    Frank&Ann, that might be us :-)

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