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    Default CSS - Our Best Vacation Ever Mon!

    Hi! Just got back from CSS yesterday! Am playing catch up today but just had to write a word on the message board to say what a great time we had! Will fill in more details later but suffice it to say we are planning a trip back in late December! We met a lot of great folks whom we consider new friends & hope to stay in touch with, but not only did we meet new friends staying at the resort, but we met new friends who work at the resort - Easton, Kevin, Richard, Layden, Natalia, Christena, the list goes on and on.... anyway, anyone wishing to ask anything about our trip please don't hesitate to do so! Will be more than glad to tell you about our trip... one thing I will say right here now we definitely overpacked - we only needed about a third of what we packed!!!! Have a great day mon and write soon!!!!

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    What made CSS your best ever? We are debating between CSS and CSA and are really TORN!!! This will be our honeymoon - we're both in our 40's and enjoying having fun, but we are not partiers. We'll want to participate in activities part of the time (even cheesy activities), and relax on the beach/ocean part of the time. And what's the deal with Sunset Beach? Is it nude only? It looks like a nicer beach than the main beach!

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    Indymommy -

    We went to CSA for our second anniversary (we met late in life! I'm 60 and Karen is 49). We stayed in a Beachfront Veranda Suite, and had a wonderful holiday. The beach at CSA has to be one of the best anywhere. We enjoyed couples so much, that we booked a trip to CSS for the first week of February. There is something very magical about this resort! Although the beach is nowhere near as nice as CSA, the stunning grounds and incredible views more than make up for it. Also, we found the staff to be the best we've ever encountered at any resort. CSS is about as romantic a resort as you could possibly find anywhere. There are 3 places on the beach you can swim. One is down below the mineral pool, the sand is nice there, and very few people use it. The main beach is also nice, not very big, but big enough to not be overcrowded at all, and quite calm most of the time. The third location is Sunset beach, where you must be nude (at least up until 5 pm). The beach itself is beautiful, but the approach into the water is rocky until you get out to about waist level, then it's fine after that. If you have never tried be "au naturel" on a holiday, do yourselves a favour, and try it out. It's a wonderful, relaxed feeling.

    Personally, I couldn't think of a more beautiful location to spend a honeymoon! We loved it so much, that we have booked to go back to CSS for the first week of April!!! If you have any questions about the resort, just let us know.

    DEBBIELEEH - So glad you had a wonderful holiday, but then again, being at CSS how could you not??

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    CSS is the most romantic of all the Couples resorts. It is like staying in a hotel set in a botanical gardens. The grounds are in a word beautiful. When you walk the grounds you will feel you are the only couple there.
    CSS is the largest Couples property with the smallest amount of rooms. All rooms are suites and you have full room service from 6 am to 11 pm.
    The beach @ CSS is no where as large as CSA,but the grounds make us for it.
    As far as your question about Sunset Beach it is not as nice as the main beach and it is all nude and not clothes optional
    Having a couples massage in the cliffs is the most romantic thing you could do @ CSS
    Keep in mind CSA is also a wonderful resort, but we prefer CSS for romance

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