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    Default Just returned from First trip to CSA

    Sandra and I have just returned from our first ( and not last trip to CSA ). We had a wonderful vacation.....a few things for those wondering about going.....
    1) the Atrium suites are absolutely perfect...very romantic, we had the second floor
    2) the resort was full, but....plenty of beach chairs, no problems to get dinner reservations, excursions, etc
    3) the food is great, something for everyone
    4) the staff and Jamaican people are what set this apart from other destinations.....they all have a smile, a story to tell, an answer for you.....or a line to sell you something (not on the resort....but.... up and down the beach... in a pleasant way...never felt threatened or annoyed )

    We had a windy week, so water sports not open much....and....clouds came and went, so did not see any of those classic Negril problem year.

    To those of you considering a trip to yourself a favor and book.

    Thanks to all of our new friends at CSA for a wonderful week.

    Peter and Sandra from Nova Scotia

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    Welcome to the family mon. Glad you enjoyed! Razzl

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    Default Peter & Sandra from Nova Scotia.

    Greetings Peter & Sandra... So happy to hear you had a great time at Swept Away. We will be going back for our third trip, from Dec 23rd- Jan 1st...Can you imagine..Christmas & New years in paradise.
    We also love the atruim rooms..
    Jamaica soon come!..
    Greta & Paul..Shediac River, N.B..

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    Peter and Sandra, Greta and Paul!!! Hello to maritimers! We're leaving in 17 days for CSA -- first time. We're from Fredericton, NB.

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    Glad to hear you enjoyed your time at CSA.We too just returned home on Tues.The sunsets sure weren't that great but next time hopefully will be better.This was our 5th trip and have seen some awesome sunsets.A week or two in Jamaica even without watersports and a little windy conditions still beats Canadian winters.

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    Fellow Maritimers, we're from Moncton,NB and will be at CSA April the 6th to April 13th flying out of Moncton to Toronto to MoBay. Hopefully we'll get a chance to meet!

    Angela and Jason

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