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    Default Just booked our CSS June wedding! Q about having other guests take pics for us?

    We just booked our wedding for 11am on Friday June 18th at CSS.

    We don't plan to book any photographer, not even the resort photographer. We are more interested in the experience than in having photos to look at occasionally afterward. We aren't the kind of people who would display photos of our wedding in our house, or give them to family etc. It just isn't our style.

    That said, we do, of course, want a half-dozen nice shots in our wedding clothes.. you know, to reminisce over when we're 80

    So, what I'm wondering, for those of you who have been married there or have been present during weddings, is there enough people (other guests) standing around that we could give someone our camera and have them take a few photos of us during the ceremony?

    what do you all think?

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    It depends on where you are physically getting married. We chose the private outlook over the ocean (see below):

    In this case, I would imagine the two resort-supplied witnesses would be more than happy to shoot some pics.

    If you are getting married on the beach, they'll be plenty of people around at 11am.

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