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    Default Couples San Souci Newbie in need of help

    I just joined the message board and I was wondering if someone could help me. I am planning a trip to jamaica (first vacation ever) and at first I wanted to stay at s but changed my mind when I saw how many loyal fans couples has on their site. I have decided to stay at couples sans souci because of how nice the rooms looked in comparsion to the other rooms at the other resorts. My main question is how would you describe the beach and water? Is it really big or small etc... I know it doesnt look like the one in negril which i am fine with because I am not the type to lounge on the beach. Any information you can provide would be great. This newbie will be traveling in April if that helps.

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    if you never been to negril and are not a big beach lover the CSS beach will serve you will

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    It's small, but completely private and pretty! Here are some pics (sorry we're in the way on one of them!)
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    I am attaching a pic of the clothed side of the beach. Where the foliage is, there is actually more beach under that, just could not capture it from my balcony. The water is clear and calm, and the sand is soft.
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    The beach is a private cove beach, and is very calm with the beautiful Caribbean blue water! There is another beach on the A/N side which is a bit rockier and has a river running into it so it tends to be colder.

    CSS is absolutely beautiful, we are beach people and stayed at CN twice, loved the beach there, decided to try CSS and we are returning to CSS 4/17-24. When will you be there?

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    The beach is not big nor is it small for the size of the resort I believe it is just right, the main beach is typical sand beach, the beach at ssb au-natural beach is a bit more rocky,water is clear and beautiful. And also private so the only people on the beach are also staying at your resort. That being said seeing how this is your first vacation you will totally enjoy your vacation. When will you be there? We will arrive on the 4th of April.

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    I wont be arriving till the end of april

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