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    Default Css april 11-18, 2010

    Anyone else going to be at CSS that week? My fiance and I are getting married on the 13th! Sooooooooo excited! This will be our first time at a Couples and in Jamaica! wooo hoo!!!

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    We will be there April 11-22... First timers to both too... Congrats by the way. We are getting merried April 9 (here at home).

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    We'll be there 4/6 - 4/13, first timers too!

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    Default April 15-22

    We will be there the 15-22 for our first visit there---we are celebrating our 10 yr anniversary---can' wait!!!! CSS here we come

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    We'll be there 14-16th then moving over to CN....our first time too and we are celebrating our 25th anniversary Congrats all you new to be married!!

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    My husband and I will arrive April 10th and leave the 17th. We are re-newing our vows at 11:00 on Monday April 12th, also my birthday. We were married in the Bahamas just over ten years ago and were pleasantly surprised when, at the end of the ceremony, we were applauded by other guests who stopped to enjoy our wedding. So, enjoy your day and if you need someone to take extra pics for you, look for Ed and Terri at our 11o vow renewal and let us know.

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    We'll be there the 14th to 17th after a week at CSA. 3rd visit (married there in 2008) and celebrating our 2nd anniversary. Can't wait!!! Congrats to the newlyweds and those celebrating anniversaries!

    Bart & Bug

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    My wife (Tricia) and I (Gene) will be there the 12-19. First AI, First Jamaica. 17 days and a wake up!!

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    First timers at a Couples Resort. Arriving April5 - 12th. Husbands 50th birthday celebration. Meeting up with friends from Michigan. Can't wait!

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    We will be there 7-13th we are first timers...can't wait!!!

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    We will be ther 14th-17th, first time. Very excited!!

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    We'll arrive 4/12 and leave 4/19. Married since 1969, but still kickin'. Congrats on the upcoming event, and our wishes for a long, happy and resilient marriage.

    Andy & Meredith

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    My Wonderful Girlfriend Amy and I will be there from the 10th to the 16th My first Vacation in 6 Years first for her in forever...we cant wait~!..

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    we will be at css for our 3rd time april 12-19th. you are blessed to be starting yours lives together at such a wonderful place. best wishes. rich and sheila. west ky.

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