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    Default Red Bull

    Can I get Red Bull at any of the bars or the gift shop at CTI or should I pack some in my checked bag?

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    I know you can get redbull at CN in the giftshop.

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    Default They do sell Red Bull but....

    If you want to use it to make Jagerbombs, then you need to bring your own bottle of Jagermeister. They do not sell or have Jager in Jamaica, and the wife and I learned this the hard way.

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    In June of 2009 at CN the other people at our table at the repeaters dinner were doing shots of Jager. One of the guys at the table mentioned that it is rare to see Jager there.

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    All that good rum and you are drinking Jager???

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    Who needs Jagerbombs when you have Bob Marleys!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by donjohnson View Post
    Who needs Jagerbombs when you have Bob Marleys!!!!!
    I do say I like my jager bombs too myself. Wonder if anyone can confirm if they do in fact have it or not.

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    We've seen Jägermeister at CSA in the Aura Lounge

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    Actually, I was asking about the Red Bull because there are times I like a glass of vodka and Red Bull to give a little pick me up. Can anyone confirm that I can get some at CTI?

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