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    Default Upgrading after booking...

    So I booked our honeymoon at CN last year before one of the promotions ended (for November of this year) for the regular garden room, as we have stayed in that type of room before, and I found it quite wonderful... Now the fiance is saying, well it's our honeymoon, book the suite instead.... If only he would have told me that months ago!!! My question is, has anybody changed their room catagory after booking? And if I change it, will I have to pay whatever the current promotional rate is, or is there a way to just pay the difference and essentially get the promotional rate from last fall??
    My other thought was that we could take a chance and just see about upgrading once we arrive, but then there is no garauntee the room would be available.. ahh!! What should I do?? Anybody dealt with a similar situation before??? I wish it were November!!!

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    I think you have to pay the balance of what the rate is now. When the promotion ends the rates go with it.

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    I know it is your honeymoon but you don't need a certain room to tell you this. I would keep the same room and just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. You don't have to spend a lot more money and you know you are already in paradise.

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