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    Default CTI Catamaran Cruise

    We haven't been to CTI since 2005 (we spent a few vacations at CN) so I can't remember...

    How long is the Cat Cruise from CTI? I know it leaves at 3:30 but about what time does it come back in? I'm trying to decide which day to plan for based on other commitments (like the repeaters cocktail party and dinner).

    Many thanks (2 days and counting!)

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    It's hard to have an idea of time because nobody where's watches, and since you've been to Jamaica, you understand how "time" really is measured. I'd say maybe two hours? It wasn't that long of a ride out to the cove, but we swam for a while, and then loaded back up and came back to the resort.

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    It gets back at sunset, around 6-6:30pm. But don't over-plan!
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    Thanks. This will be our 8th Couples vacation so No over planning just want to be sure I have time to shower before dinner.

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