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    I was just doing some researching on the dining options at couples sans souci, and I noticed that all of the restaturants are closed on both Tuesdays and Fridays except for the Beach Grill. Is there a reason why they all close? And what are the dining options when those places are closed? I know theres room service, but how would you rate the room service at the resort. Is the food hot, lol I am a foodie so food is important to me.

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    Im sure somewhere on the site it tells you about the Friday night gala and the tuesday beach party. That's why the restaurants are closed. they set up a huge buffet on these nights.

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    Hi, just wanted to put my two cents in...both the Beach party (Tuesday) and Starlight Gala (Friday) have exceptional food. The Beach Party is set up in 2 buffet stations while the Gala has I think 5 or 6 different stations set up all over the front lawn. My husband and I both agreed that if for no other reason, we would go back to CSS to enjoy the quality of food we had all week (we are also "foodie's") lol.

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    Just to chime in on the room service...

    We liked it as much as the restaurant food.

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    We think the food at CSS is fabulous. To us, that is one of the highlights of CSS. We had room service for dinner one night on our balcony and had Fillet Mignon. It was cooked and served to perfection. The Friday night Gala and the beach party are a lot of fun and you won't be disappointed with the food at either event. We'll be there again in July and can't wait.

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    Just to clarify, all of the restaurants are closed FOR DINNER on Tuesdays and Fridays. Palazzina is open for breakfast and lunch, and the beach grill is open for lunch on those days.

    We ordered room service twice, and found it to be tasty and it was delivered quickly. We were there for two Tuesdays, and honestly, one beach party was plenty enough for us. However, the Starlight Gala is fabulous - wonderful set up, and great and abundant food.

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