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    Default Couples Negril - Is it really worth moving to beachfront?

    Hello Couples Family!

    I am booked for the gardenview room at Couples Negril. I understand that the beachfront rooms aren't necessarily "beachfront" so to speak, but is it worth switching my room? Is it closer to activities, beach, etc?

    Also, which rooms are away from the au natural section?

    Warm Regards,

    Stacey Lyons

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    Default Not that Much Different

    Hey there,

    We are booked for October which will be our 7th trip to Couples Negril. We have always booked beachfront but since there are minibars in all of the rooms now( Not sure of that) there is really no difference. We like building 5 which is over by the scuba pool... The beachfront rooms you can see the ocean and in some rooms the sunset. And there the nude beach is a great place to hang out but does not interfere with anyroom unless you are in the suites in building 9.

    Enjoy and relax...


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    I've only ever booked Deluxe Ocean View and we have gotten spoiled by getting very familiar with the side of the resort that buildings 6-9 are on.

    You really can't go wrong with any room type. It comes down to what you are familiar with and being open to change if you should book another type room.

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    We got the deluxe beachfront (building 6, 2nd floor) and had a view of the beach. We actually overlooked the nude beach, and could see about 75% of it from our balcony.

    The garden rooms are much farther from the beach, but if you bring a bag with you when you leave to head to the beach, you can really just roam around without needing to go back to your room. We were rarely in our room when we went a couple weeks ago.

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    Feel good about booking a gardenview room. We have previously stayed in beachfront but this time we are going gardenview because all the rooms are exactly the same and no beachfront room looks directly onto the beach. If you want to be far away from the nude beach request a room in bldg.2,3,4.

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    Definitely worth the $ if you want to see the sunsets from your balcony, or wake up to the sounds of the water. I'd recommend building 6, not 9. We were put there first, and asked to be moved. The palms and hedge around the AN beach obstruct the best views.
    Enjoy your trip!

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    Save the bucks and stay put. We love the garden view rooms especially building #1.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    Default The beach is always near

    We stayed in a garden view room in building three. If you look at the map of CN building 3 is probably the furthest from the beach of any building. From our room we could be walking on the beach in less than two minutes.

    We don't spend much time in our room so we don't need the extra amenities provied in a "suite". There was a mini bar in our room so we could pour a drink while getting ready for dinner or as a night cap while listening to the tree frogs serenade us on our patio.

    Personally I wouldn't spend the extra money, but i completely understand why some people do.


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    Live it up go beachfront,garden view might also be missing afew amenities.

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    Default No

    We've gone to CN for 4 years now and always get a garden room in Building 2, still close to the beachfront! Actually, I don't think any rooms are beachfront as far as seeing a front view of the ocean off your balcony! We're checking out CTI 12/12/09, haven't been there since Jan.2004 and really looking forward to it!

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    NO!! we are in block 5 right now and none of the other rooms are really that much farther from the beach. We are close to the beach, but farther from all of the restaurants and bars. We will go garden suite for every other stay, and stay that much longer!! Every room is awesome!!

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    I think the garden view rooms are just fine. We like building 4 because we like to scuba and do water sports. We were staying in building 5 but it is just not worth it. We spend the money on night diving and take the 15 extra steps!

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    Personally, I'd upgrade and spend the extra every time. I was just there in June, and every second I felt spoiled - whether inside the room or outside. They're huge and the bathrooms are enormous. Plus, the appetizers delivered to your room each night it really neat.

    I don't know why people always say there is not such thing as "beachfront." I was in 6101 and I literally had 6 steps to the beach and a 1/4 of a turn (if that). I could see the ocean easily (and a lot of it!) from the bed. It has got to be the best room in the whole place!

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    Not worth it in my opinion. Much rather spend the extra money on excursions while there.
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    Default Any room is great when you're in paradise

    We have stayed in an ocean front suite (bldg. 9) and an ocean view room (bldg 7), and both were spectacular. Of course the suite was amazing because...well, it's a suite. But the location and views from each room was great. If you really want to splurge, go for a suite. But if you're not going for a suite, I recommend spending less $$ and staying an extra day in paradise. Enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shari and James View Post
    Save the bucks and stay put. We love the garden view rooms especially building #1.
    I agree 100%!!! We loved building one also!!!

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    Default Beachfront Rules !

    There are ofcourse lots of opinions on this.
    We feel that Beachfront is great.. Love the large space that it gives us. Don't like it too small. Love the balcony space too :-)

    Either way, you cant go wrong :-)

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