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    Default What to wear to the Starlight Gala??

    We are heading to CSS on Thursday - (so excited!!)..We have never been to a Couples resort and I am trying to figure out what to pack...Specifically what should I bring for the Starlight Gala? I plan on bringing simple sun dresses for most evenings and was going with that look/feel for the starlight gala as well...Is that acceptable? How dressy is it? Does anyone have pics of what they wear?

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    Sun dresses are perfect for the Starlight Gala. At the Starlight Gala people tend to dress up. If a man decides to wear shorts he will not be asked to leave. The dress code is stricter in the restaurants

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    I wore flat thong sandals that were "nice" with sparkly colors on the straps... a shorter white flowy skirt and a turquoise lacey spaghetti strap top with a chunky bold necklace and earrings and also had a light long scarf I wore around my shoulders... fit right in with what everybody else was wearing. A longer "maxi" type dress would be nice too, or a shorter cocktail type dress with heels. I don't wear heels because my husband is vertically challenged, but I find lots of flats that are dressy. Hope that helps. Oh and hubby wore khaki pants, leather sandals and a brightly colored hawaiian button up shirt and fit right in with that as well.

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    We've been there twice before, what you describe will be fine. You will see a wide variety of dress from elegant to very casual, we arrive on Friday afternoon! Can't wait.

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    I wore a dress for the Starlight Gala, a sundress would be fine. The key is not to wear spikey heels - you will sink into the grass because the gala is held on the main lawn. I wore wedge heels. Flat sandals would also work.

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    A nice sundress is perfectly acceptable for the starlight gala. You will see people dressier than that, certainly, but you won't be out of place at all!


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    I found the dress attire to be very casual at the gala on Feb. 4th. It really seemed to me to be more of a beach party on the lawn, actually, with the way people were dressed. Was a disappointment for me, overall. Wish they had another dining option on Friday nights.

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