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    Default Wedding Checklist?

    Good afternoon! I was wondering if anyone had a wedding checklist that they are using? I am getting married in August, and just want to make sure I am on the right track

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    Not really a checklist...It's been two years since I was planning so I may need some recent brides to help out. The main thing is getting the required paperwork to Couples in time (I think it's at least 30 days before), your passport and any special requests (I had a stencil for a design I wanted on my cake). Also check out the wedding section of the website. If you have guest traveling with you, I did do a 'Guest Flyer/Information' letter and I modified a Caribbean Travel Checklist I found here. None of my guest had ever traveled outside the US and I wanted to let them know what to expect based on my months of research on this MB. Email me if you would like it - favor4lette @ Also, Debbie Hall, the state side coorindator is VERY helpful. You can email her and with any questions. Hopes this helps.

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    I'm most definitely making a checklist. It will be a weddingmoon list with everything we need for our entire trip. I don't see how you can not make a list. I would hate to forget anything.

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