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    Default First time to CSA April 14th-22nd 2010

    My fiance and I will be staying at CSA for the first time. Actually our first time to Jamaica. We will be getting married on the beach April 17th 2010. We are sooo excited. Any tips for newbies?

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    First of all check out and join the Team Swept Away 2010 thread.

    See you there.

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    Default Same time, same newbie status

    We too are arriving on April 14th and it is also our first time to Swept Away. I have been to Jamaica before but it was years ago so I am very excited to return. My husband and I will be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary the week before (while we are at CN). I'm sure we'll be at the swim up bar around 4:00 on the 14th...perhaps we'll see you there! The countdown is getting shorter..almost here! You as excited as us?

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    my the orientation (sp) when you get wife and i did not two years ago and it would have been helpful...i believe its only an hour. make dinner reservations when you arrive if you want to go to lemongrass or the other resturante.

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    We are both super excited. Counting down the days. Thanks for the tip on the orientation.

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