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    Default YS Falls or Mayfield??

    I will be staying at CSA in May and I would love to go on a tour to see waterfalls! Would you recommend YS Falls or Mayfield? Or neither?? All recommendations and/or reviews would be helpful. Thanks!!!

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    While we're on the topic, is the lengthy trip out to Dunns River from CN worth the trip? or is there enough close to home to not even bother?

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    The trip from CN to Dunn's River falls imho is too long and it is not worth the time.
    At one point Dunn' River falls was a wonderful place to visit, but now it is much too commercialized. It should be seen once though. Do it from either CSS or CTI. if you stay there in the future

    The big thing to see @ CN is the beach. It cannot be beat

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    We did Mayfield fall a few years ago on our honeymoon! we loved it! we had an awesome guide. you walk upstream and cold crisp water. we ate fruit on the way down to the river. the bridges were bamboo and everything looked so pretty!!! They fed us lunch afterwards and the food was delicious!!! We had a great time!

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    We did the Dunn's river falls with the appleton rum tour and black river tour. None of them are worth doing alone, too far from the resort. But if you do all three it is amazing and very well worth it.

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    We went to YS Falls as part of a package tour (Black River, YS Falls, Appleton Factory tour), and were a little disappointed (with YS Falls). I guess I misunderstood, and thought we would be able to climb the falls, or even wade across. This is definitely not the case. Kind of like the Grand Canyon (I'm from Arizona) you just sort of look and take pictures. There is one place where you can jump in from a rope, (with one of the locals asking for money to do so), but that's it. It's lovely though, great "Kodak moments."

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    We did YS falls last year and LOVED it. Bobby and Lisa, I'm not sure why you couldn't get into the falls. We did! Swam in, under, around, and jumped off! What a hoot! I would highly recommend it. It was only 1/2 day trip. I have tons of pics because a local kid just took our camera and guided us all through the falls and took pics of us. He was such a gentleman and took my hand to help me walk on the huge rocks. I would do it again in a minute. I can't figure out how to post pics, I guess I need a link... I just have them saved on my hard drive and can't figure out how to insert them here.

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    We have done both, and are very torn as which was our favorite and why. They are very very different experiences. YS is more of the cascading waterfall you picture, absolutely beautiful, set back on a horse farm. They have added a zipline since our visit, when we were there, they had tubes to float in, and rope swings, and even a pool area. I would combine YS with something else like the Pelican Bar, Appleton Estates, or the Black River. We combined it with the Pelican Bar and Black River.

    Mayfield is a series of small falls, no major ones, it is very interactive, you are in the water the entire time, it is a riverwalk, you walk up the river with a guide. There are natural jacuzzi's, and little caves, and you can swim through a tunnel underwater. The drive to Mayfield is beautiful.

    Research both on the internet, again they are very different experiences! Both extremely beautiful and worth it!

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    First two are YS third one is Mayfield
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