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    We are returning to CSS the end of April and couldn't be more excited! Last January was our first time to Jamaica, and we are not usually the type of travelers to go back to the same place, but I loved everything about the resort, even the steps! This time we are planning on staying over in D or G block, rather than beachfront. From reading the board and other reviews, we've got to try zip-lining/bobsled at Magic Mountain, and maybe scuba too! The safari jetski/snorkel trip was fun, but travel to and from the resort made it take up the whole day.
    47 days and counting!

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    Hi Kiki, my husand and I will be there from the 20 to May 1 so our times will laps hope to see you there. Definately try the diving that is where I first went and it's fantastic, send e-mail if you want to see some pics. We are also thinking on the magic mountain also

    Bonnie and Mike

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