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    Wondering who will be at CSS April 3-10. Second time to Jamaica, first time to an AN beach. Husband & I really want to thoroughly experience it & all the resort has to offer.

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    jacquie -

    Hi! There is a thread a few posts down from this one for couples going to CSS April 2 - 10. Have a look at it, and post your name in there, and with a picture if you can! We guarantee 100% that you will fall in love with CSS, and will have a wonderful time at Sunset Beach! Looking forward to meeting you both.

    Karen and Paul

    PS - Bring water shoes with you for Sunset Beach. It's quite rocky until you get out into the water a bit, but once out there, the bottom is a nice soft sand.

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    Hi! We'll be there 4/6 - 4/13, first time there!

    Stacey and Pete

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