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    Default Makeup Trial Run

    Has anyone ever did a trial makeup run at CSA salon? I'm so torn on having my makeup done at the salon or having an outsite makeup artist do it. I've heard so so reviews on the makeup done at the salon.

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    i would really like to know about this as well. i think a trial run would really put me at ease. I dont want to end up looking like a clown from the makeup (not that it wuold be that bad) and then having to go right to the wedding with no time for correction. Good question ms travel!

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    I am getting my hair done at the salon but I am doing my own make up! I purchased about $100 worth of good MAC make up. Prep and Prime face and Lip, Studio foundation/powder, great eye shawdow and a couple different lip sticks. I did a trial run in my own bathroom and it was perfect!!! Just how I wanted it! I worried about looking like a clown too so I am not spending the money to do this. Especialy because the humidity will probably wash it all away within a few hours anyway. Why pay for that?? Why not be able to put it back on with your own little bag of MAC!!! YAY!!!

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    I had my make up done at the salon for my wedding. I don't usually wear make a lot and wanted something natural. I was pleased with their work.

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    Default hair and makeup

    Hi girls. We were married @CSA on 2/27/09. I had them do my hair and I just loved it. It was very soft and sexy, considering I have very short hair. I paid for extra flowers for my hair, I think it was $18.00 but well worth it. I was 50 years old at the time and I believe less is more after 40 so I did my own makeup and kept it very light. We were married @4pm and I was very glad I didn't have a lot of makeup on because it was very humid. Here are some pics. Joy
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