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    If I bring my laptop, will I get free wi-fi connection in my room? Do I need a password from the resort to get a connection? Thanks.

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    Wifi is free where it is available and no password is required. Wifi is not always available in the rooms,but it is available in the looby and in the internet cafes

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    Depending on the location of your room, you might not be able to get signal because it's too far away from the router. But you will be able to get wireless in the lobby and it's free. No worries, mon!
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    Thanks for the replies.

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    We left CSA on Tues.and received a notice Monday night saying the internet would be unavailable for a few hours as they were making some changes to make it more secure.The notice also mentioned for guests to go to the lobby later that day to set up a password.As I said we were leaving so I just briefly read the memo.

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