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Thread: How many pools?

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    Default How many pools?

    How many pools does CSS have??

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    CSS has four pools. They are the main pool, MIneral Pool, Pool outisde the lobby and the pool @ SSB.

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    There are 3 pools. The mineral pool is over by the spa, a very relaxing place to spend some quality time, and there's a smoothie bar to enjoy there, as well. The main pool is in front of Block A by the main beach. The third pool is over at Sunset Beach on the au naturel side of the resort, complete with swim up bar and lunch grill. Try them all!!

    Oops, forgot the pool by lobby!
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    I saw 4 when we were there. One on SSB,Main textile beach, by the balloon bar, mineral pool by the exercise area.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    Four - main pool with swim-up bar, mineral pool, Sunset Beach pool, and a pool near the lobby. Check out the panoramic:
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