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    Hi! I am really interested in having flower petals line the aisle and having guests toss petals following the ceremony. Has anyone tried bring freeze dried flower petals from the USA to Jamaica. I wasn't sure if this would be allowed by Customs or not. Any information would be appreciated. The freeze dried petals are eco friendly and the last thing we want to do is pollute the beautiful Negril beaches.

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    You just made me start thinking. I bought fake petals for the same reason and now I'm wondering if they will even let me put them down, since they are not natural? Does anyone know this, as well?

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    I am an Importer. To answer your question, you could freeze dry rose petals and bring them into Jamaica, however you will need to declare them with U.S. Customs and Jamaican Customs and complete a Fish and Wildlife form (USFWS Form 3-177) delcaring the scientific name (genus and species) of the specific flowers you intend to bring in. Its more of a hassel and you'd be better off, if you can afford it, pay for the bags of fresh rose petals when you get to Jamaica to line the aisle. Talk to Debbie Hall about setting that up. I am also planning on doing that and I was quoted at $15/bag of flowers. I beleive the bag size is about a Zip Lock Quart size. Let me know if you have any other questions. Hope this helps!

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    ambest- thanks for the info. Sounds like way to much trouble. And $15/bag is note terrible.

    claerin- i have heard of other people using silk petals, so I am pretty sure it will be allowed; however, someone posted that Jamaica is very wind and the wind carried the petals all over the resort and down the beach. i think its nearly impossible to clean them all up.

    Thanks All!

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    Please refrain from bringing silk petals although it is allowed at Couples. I brought silk petals for my wedding and felt terribly sorry for polluting the beach.

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    We were married @ CN(6/09)in the gazebo and had no problem with the wind. We did have the artificial rose petals and they were beautiful...after the ceremony Gizele and her assistant cleaned the petals up.

    However, I do understand the concerns about them blowing around the beach because when we went to that area to take pictures I remember thanking God for the wonderful breeze. So I suppose the problem arises in the area you want to be married and from my experience if its at the gazebo you shouldn't have a problem with the wind.

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