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    My fiance and I are excited to be celebrating our honeymoon at a Couples resort, but are really torn between CSS and CSA. He likes the rooms at CSS better, and it looks like it has better scenery; I like the ocean at CSA better (whiter sand and calmer water to just float on, right??? and a bigger beach??), the hammocks, and what looks like more activities. CSS has just one small beach, right? And one nude beach, which doesn't appeal to me.

    We are in our 40's, this is the 2nd marriage for both of us, and we've been trying to have lots of fun and do lots of "firsts", however we are not big drinkers or partiers - we just want to have a nice mixture of fun and excitement along with being peaceful and romantic.

    CSS is cheaper than CSA....we can get a much nicer room at CSS...I'm just worried that I won't like the beach. I grew up in southern CA and thought we had great beaches until I visted Destin, FL and saw beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise water.

    We're planning on a honeymoon in September or October...we're actually going to have a fairly unplanned wedding after church service one Sunday once his house sells. That's going to be our cue that it's time to get married and combine households and children <g>.

    So which one? CSS or CSA?!?! Help!!!


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    The beach at CSS is just as pretty as CSA with soft white sand and calm water that you can float on. It's just much smaller, though with the small size comes complete privacy. I'd be happy to share our CSA and CSS pics if that would help (
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    IMO CSA...we went there for our honeymoon and it was FABULOUS! Stayed in a beachfront verandah, steps from the sand. The balconies at CSA are HUGE and the rooms are nice although not perfect, I love the wood slats on the windows and the beach is out of this world! Personally I would pick CSA...but that is me...we leave for round 2 of CSA in 32 days

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    If the beach is important to you (particularly the sand), you should probably pick CSA. The sand at CSS is grittier and squishier than CSA's fine, powdery, white sand. The water temperature and calmness is pretty comparable. The beach is also huge at CSA, which it is not at CSS.

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    We are about the same ages and we got married at CSA for the second time for both. Having been to both resorts, CSA 3 times and CSS once last winter,CSA wins hands down for us.While CSS is gorgeous and the suites are bigger, it is the world class beach that draws us back to Negril and CSA.I also love the Negril vibe and the other options on seven mile beach as you can walk the beach and stop at the little stores and bars along the way.I felt a little trapped at css.CSS is a wonderful resort and many people love her but Swept Away is our "home".The beach and sunsets are the best in Jamaica IMO.Good luck deciding!

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    We married & Swept away7 years ago, we will be back for our third time at christmas, I have not been to any other couples resort than Swept Away.but I believe you will fall in love with couples & S.W...
    once you go- you will know.
    Congrats to you both!

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    My fiance and I absolutely loved the CSS beach. We are getting married in May at CSA but were torn about which resort to have our wedding. The beach at CSS is in a small lagoon and the water is not very deep. Being secluded, you dont have to worry about locals or yahoos from other resorts bothering you while you are relaxing in the sun. We NEVER once had to fight for lounge chairs or even wait for a chair and we never got down to the beach much before 10 : )

    As far as the ocean goes, you can easily walk out to the ropes and there is very little bottom cover. Also, there is a HUGE rock on the far west side of the beach with lots of little sea creatures to admire. This is a GREAT place to get sea shells, if you are interested in that stuff. My fiance even found a large conch shell out by the ropes.

    The water is relatively calm and perfectly clear. The beach is definitely not the downside, its all those stairs (LOL). The nude beach closes before sunset so you can go over and get some great pictures of the sunset for your photo album! Its a great place for photos.

    So if it's just about the beach, CSS is nothing to steer away from. No, it's not 7 mile beach but it is quaint and peaceful. I hope you like it as much as we do/did!

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    If it's only the beach, then CSA wins the award. But you seem to be asking for the most romantic of the two (at least your husband is) and there I'd have to tilt the scales in favor of CSS.

    This question, by the way, has been posed several times, but to give you the short answer:

    CSS - More romance, spectacular landscaping, nude beach, lots of steps, but compact, and a good, but small beach. Also, no contact with the local population unless you walk into town.

    CSA - More active, nice landscaping, no nude beach, flat and spread out, but one of the best beaches in the world. Easy to get the real flavors of Jamaica by leaving the resort and walking up the beach.

    Neither will disappoint you.
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    We stayed at CSA several times, then stayed at CSS last year. We had always wanted to try another Couples resort, but a big draw was the cost savings at CSS.

    The rooms really are bigger with more amenities at CSS. However, the beachfront rooms at CSS are nowhere near as close to the beach as the beachfront rooms at CSA.

    Yes, the beach is much smaller at CSS, but it is also private and quiet - no jetskis, no vendors. That could be a plus or minus, depending upon what you're looking for. The water is calm at both resorts. The beach at CSS is plenty big enough that you won't feel crowded. However, 7 mile beach at CSA is consistently ranked one of the best beaches in the world.

    CSS has the fabulous massage huts on the cliffs. One of the highlights of any of our trips was getting a couples massage in that hut, lisenting to the waves crashing below, and feeling the cool breeze. Sheer heaven. The new spa at CSA is no slouch, though, either. The Buddha jacuzzi is heavenly, and the new treatment rooms and air conditioned.

    Nothing beats a romantic dinner on the terrace at Casanova at CSS.

    Having said all of these things, we went back to CSA this year, and are planning on booking CSA for next year for our big trip. For us, it's all about the beach, and there are plenty of romantic places at CSA, too. Good luck trying to decide!

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    Hi Indymommy-
    My husband and I have been to CSA 5 years in a row and CSS once this past July. Both places are truly gorgeous! Here is what we love about each place:

    CSA: We love the Beachfront Veranda Suite (1st floor) so that we can be steps from the beach. We love the restaurants - especially Lemongrass (Thai) and Feathers. We love the Martini Bar where you can enjoy a fancy cocktail before dining at Lemongrass. We love the nightclub where you can dance the night away. We love 7 mile beach where you can opt to wonder for miles on the beautiful white sand beach and where you can wonder out, for what seems like miles, into the ocean and still see your toes through the gorgeous water. We also love the amazing spa with the tranquility pool, the spa services, the sports bar, and I can't forget the amazing gym which is the largest and best gym in the Caribbean! What a wonderful way to burn off the pina coladas! What we don't like....I can't think of anything.

    CSS: The intimate and small size of this resort is fabulous. It is built on the side of a cliff so half the rooms are amazing high views and the other half are at sea level. We loved the amazingly beautiful. I loved the massage I got on the side of the cliff, during a rainstorm, in a hut, with open windows, while listening to the rain, and the waves crashing against the cliffs beneath me. I never had such a relaxing massage in my life. I love the mineral water pool. I love the airconditioned gym with the wall-to-wall view of the ocean. I love how I never finished exploring the whole resort after 7 days so that there is still more to explore when we get back. I love how there are no strangers wandering the beach since it is secluded. I didn't like the seaweed / sea grass that was all throughout the water in the cove, the lack of a nightclub, and the fact that all the restaurants are closed one night during the week so that there is a resort-wide party where you share tables with other couples and eat buffet style (not what I was looking for during my anniversary trip). The restaurants weren't as good as CSA. The rooms are better and the swim up bar and pools are much better than CSA.

    So...hope this helps. Either way, you won't regret your choice and enjoy your wonderful honeymoon at the most amazing resort that we've been to! We are going back to CSA in July for our 20 year wedding anniversary and we can't wait!!!!!!!!!! This will be our 7th trip!

    let us know what you decide to do and how much you love your choice!

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