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    Default Team CSA - Horseback riding

    I think that we're going to try horseback riding this year. What should we pack for it? Water shoes? Long pants? Shorts or simply a swimsuit? I know the horss swim in the water....

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Darci & David,
    We have done the horseback riding 3 times, it's alot of fun. Water shoes or any slip ons are fine, we've always worn shorts and tops over bathing suits as you take them off prior to going in the water. I'd do the beach ride only as the mountain is quite hot and steep. They take you on a leisurely guided ride on the beach then bring you back and offer the water swim to those that are interested. I'd bring a camera and a few dollars to tip the guides (I usually give $15-$20 for the 2 of us)You can book it at the great house tour desk. Leslie and I as well as one couple from Montana are going on Tuesday the 13th, you are more than wlcome to join us...see you soon. Brian

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    I'll Talk to Sean but we may be up for going on the 13th as well. WE get there on the 10th... if you want you can e-mail me at

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    Thanks Brian. I was thinking of just doing the beach ride. I'll ask David, but the 13th sounds good to me. See you in a few short weeks!

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    Yep, we are quite excited about joining Brian and Leslie on the horseback ride! Actually, we are pretty excited about everything related to this trip. The more, the merrier!!

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    I feel the same MontanaCouple....

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    Do we arrange for this at CSA?

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    Yes, they have an excursion desk in the Great House by the gift shop. One week from tomorrow for us!!

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    That's right. So, you're still on for Tuesday? I can't believe it's almost here!

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    Darci & David,
    Yes, we still plan on going Tuesday 4/13, can't wait..see you soon! Brian & Leslie

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    Darci & David,
    I see on your profile that your arrival date has changed to 4/13, is that correct? Brian

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    Really? That was our old date. I guess I need to change it. We arrive Thursday, April 8th.

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    so jealous!

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    is everyone booking this through the tour desk at csa? tues the 13th...i'm making a list right now of what days we are doing i just wanted to double check.

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    That's the plan. I will visit the reservations desk Thursday or Friday.

    What time are we planning on going?

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    Yes, we are booking (via the csa tour desk) the horses for the morning of Tues., the 13th. Can't wait! Giddy Up!

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    Good Deal! We land on the 10th, can't wait! Is there only one time for riding? Just want to make sure I get in with the Team CSA group, LOL. See you there!

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    Ok so what do we wear on the ride? I have been riding here in the states but not on vacation where there is a "swim imvolved"...

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    Hey everyone live from the internet cafe at CSA...just came to check on tomorrow's festivities and you all already signed us up! LOL I started laughing, thanks

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