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    Well, we have just booked our first ever trip to Jamaica and have chosen CN as our resort of choice. We are so excited and hope that it is as great as we think it will be. Now, how does a person handle the long wait???..we are going in Jan.11.

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    You've picked a wonderful place to go. The beach is absolutely the most beautiful beach we've ever been to. We were there in October and are going back in November of this year. It's a long countdown; just keep reading the message boards.

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    jc...........CN....Couples Negril
    Welcome to your new family...Your new family of Couples.

    In my opinion you have chosen Couples' best resort..I think you will love every minute there.

    GO.RELAX.ENJOY CN and have a Salty dog for me...Ruff Ruff

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    Thanks so much! We are so looking forward to it. Any tips you can give us is more than welcome!!

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    Default jc - So Excited!!

    We had booked our trip early last Sept. and the anticipation kept building and building as I read the message board daily. We just returned from CN 6 days ago and wish we were there!!! My family & friends had to listen to me constantly mentioning the little tidbits I would learn from the MB,and my co-workers had to listen to my count-down beginning with day #100 - I may have been a little annoying. Especially when I got to the single-digit dance! lol Regardless, the trip was everything that we expected it to be and MORE from reading all the threads and then the experience itself. No one steered us wrong. The CN "family" was very accurate. So...enjoy the MB until you arrive and by the time you get to CN, you'll be so excited and you will be absolutely thrilled with your choice.

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    You will be happy with your decision! Great resort!

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    We first went to CN in February of 2009, then again the end of January this year and are going to go again in 2011. I think I started counting days from the time I booked it. My co-workers were about ready to strangle me!! Some of our friends think we are a bit crazy for going three straight years in a row, but after you have been there once, you will totally get it. The staff is just so awesome and every year we meet such great people. We figure if we are going to spend the money on a nice vacation, why not go where we know we are going to get our money's worth and have an amazing time. You will also find that your first Couples will be your favorite. This year we also went to CTI and next year CSS but CN is our home. You will meet other repeaters that feel the same way of which ever resort they first went to. It's kind of cute if you ask me. I promise you, there is no way you will be regret your choice.

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    [QUOTE=hillystyles;59387] My co-workers were about ready to strangle me!!

    This was said several times in this thread and I know before we went in November of last year, my coworkers felt the same way...and probably equally as bad since we got back because that is STILL all I talk much fun it was and we can't wait to go back! We are planning another trip in November of this year but haven't booked yet. I'll have to watch the countdown in public because if I do it again, they really are going to strangle me!

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    You picked a great resort for your first trip, you will love CN... Now as how to handle the wait, we are going on our 4th trip, and have yet to figure it out. It actually is part of the experience, the anticipation!!!

    Happy Travels,


    CN (06,07)
    CSS (08, and this April)

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