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    Default Rooms Category at CSS

    We are trying to get our 2011 vacation booked before the April 15th deadline for the current "upgrade" special. We are going to CSS in order to try something new after 6 times to CSA and I am totally confused on the room categories. Could someone who has been to CSS tell me what the differences are between the One Bedroom Ocean Suites and the One Bedroom Beachfront Suites and what the pros/cons might be for each category? I've asked this question before, thinking only to ask about which room has the large balcony (I think the response was Ocean Suite)but are there other differences? I'm a little nervous about switching to the unknown, so any help on the rooms or other aspects of CSS are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!

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    The panoramic pix on the CSS page has very good images that show the difference in decor. I have stayed in the 1 br ocean suites and they are HUGE, bright white & blue, very airy feel. In both rooms I had the bedroom is in the back of the suite (away from the ocean) and the living room takes up the whole ocean side. The balcony is as wide as the LR! We were upgraded to a Beachfront suite once, checked it out and turned it down. Very nice, but not for us. The balcony is way smaller. You enter from the back (true for all rooms) and the LR & BR kind of "share" the ocean end. You might be able to see the ocean from your bed, which is certainly not true for the 1BR ocean suites. Either way, CSS is gorgeous and very romantic!

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    The biggest difference in the two categories is where they are located. The 1 BR Ocean Suites are up on the cliffs and the 1 BR Beachfront Suites are located at beach level. We were in both and preferred being up higher with better views and a much larger balcony. We never used the balcony in the Beachfront suite.

    Here is a link to our pictures, the Beachfront Suite pictures are near the end.

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    Default Other difference

    I noticed the beach front suite has only 1 tv in the living room - and its like a 27" tube (this is what i saw in the 360 panorama shot, if this isnt true - please advise) Beach front suite also has a jacquzzi tub in room - which didnt exist in the penthouse - its a pickle - we enjoy some down tv time before bed and while the other party is showering - i enjoy a jacquzzi tub - sad i can;t get the best of both worlds

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    When we were first looking we were considering a Jacuzzi suite but this was at CTI, we eventually decided that CSS was for us but I preferred the One Bedroomed Oceanview over the Beachfront jacuzzi suite. Reason I have looked at a stack of photo's online and the BFJS just looked much smaller. The downside to the one bed is that the bedroom is at the back, I would have preferred the rooms side by side but hey ho.

    Also our preference was for a large balcony over a small balcony or patio.

    Having said that one of the nicest rooms apart from the obvious penthouse (which I would have loved but was just a step to much for us) was the deluxe oceanview without the balcony but the lack of balcony was the problem. The oceanview with verandah is not really what I would call a suite as it is only one room as the additional space was used for the balcony.

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    Another difference between the two rooms is the location. The one bedroom ocean view are on the cliffs, in blocks D, E, & G, and you have steps up to them. The one bedroom beachfront are in block A & B, just as the description says, on the beach front. If you are on the ground floor you can walk onto the lawn infront of the beach from your balcony.

    All rooms at CSS are suites. We have had both the Ocean view veranda, and the one bedroom ocean view suites. Both in block D. Both rooms were great. We really liked the view, and if you go up to the office, internet area, or Casanova, the D block is right in the center.

    The truth is, I am not sure there is a bad room at CSS. From what I have heard, they are all great for their own reasons.

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    The main practical differences in the room categories have to do with location. The beachfront jacuzzi suites were a later addition to the hotel (in the late '80s, I believe). They are two blocks (A & B) on the flatter part of the resort and generally closer to most of your daytime activities. They are very nice and vary little between each other (mirror images in some cases, maybe extra windows on the rooms at the end, etc.). They have a small sitting area, bedroom, balcony, big bathroom with jacuzzi tub and separate shower).

    The older part of the resort, what a lot of people refer to as "The Cliffs" is comprised Blocks C through F. Block C, I believe, is the block that has a small handful of rooms that do not have an actual balcony. The remaining room categories are somewhat randomly dispersed throughout the remaining blocks (with the penthouses on the top). Because of the existing structures, it was likely not possible to have uniform division. Hence you do get variation between rooms even within those catgories, though they all have the amenities listed in the description.

    So to finally get around to your specific question, the aesthetic difference between the two categories you asked about is that the one-bedroom ocean w/balcony will likely have a larger balcony. The practical difference is that you'll bit in the cliffs and farther away from most of the daytime activity (with a lot of steps or a uphill walk or a van ride in between).

    We personally like the older part of the resort and don't mind the "trek," but a lot of people prefer the convenience of the newer part. We've stayed in the newer blocks, however, and it didn't negatively impact our trip in the slightest.

    I know many people say there isn't a bad room at CSS, and I do believe that's true, but there is a lot more variation because of its residential origins, and everybody has a preference.

    Whatever you decide, I hope you love CSS.

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